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a week in the hospital is the worst vacation

photo 3 (3)On Friday, September 26th early EARLY in the morning, Ray was having extreme lower abdominal pain which we thought may have been caused by his appendix. After spending a few hours in the ER he was diagnosed with diverticulitis and sent home with antibiotics and pain meds. 12 hours later, Ray was in even more pain and discomfort so we headed back to the ER. We waited for hours, which seemed like days, until he was taken into the ER and then eventually admitted into the hospital. Ray was in almost constant pain from the diverticulitis and bloating. Towards the middle of the week, after an emergency surgery scare, Ray had a drain inserted into his abdomen to get rid of the infected fluids. This procedure eased his pain immensely, even though having a tube puncturing his stomach lining was terrible. We were finally able to go home this past Monday evening, after spending almost 9 days in the hospital, antibiotics and pain killers in tow!
8 months ago Ray didn’t have a job or insurance and wasn’t eligible for medicaid. His current job, that includes paid sick and vacation leave, fantastic insurance, and understanding bosses, very much fell into his lap. God’s grace and timing are funny things. My boss was also incredibly understanding as well and allowed me to miss a full week of work to stay with Ray in the hospital. In the midst of suffering it’s so encouraging to see God’s provision in our lives.

A few hospital observations:
– The toilets in Lake City Medical Center have the power (and sound) of a rocket ship. I feel like you could successfully flush a medium sized dog in those toilets.
– Even if you’re wearing 2 shirts and your father in law’s FSU windbreaker, you still run the risk of catching hypothermia in the hospital.
– Roommates can be terrible or wonderful. Ray had 4 different roommates during the duration of his stay. Be thankful when you get a good roommate! Also, bring earplugs because you just never know when you’ll get a roommate with sleep apnea that snores louder than a chainsaw.
– The staff at LCMC are top notch! We had so many fantastic, caring nurses and techs!
– DO NOT EAT A BURRITO FROM THE VENDING MACHINE!! Worst decision of the week.

The past week and a half has been the scariest and most emotionally exhausting time of my life. Seeing the person you love most in life in pain, hooked up to machines and constantly getting medication is terrifying (and I’m not a naturally afraid person). There were so many times I felt completely helpless, but even more times when I felt completely loved and provided for. Thank you to everyone who prayed, stopped by, called, sent texts, brought coffee, etc. We love and appreciate all of you!