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July Favorites

July was a wild, fast, and stressful month. It seemed like most evenings were occupied by Infinity Con prep which included everything from scheduling, creating policies, artwork, and sending emails to physical work including moving tables and chairs, setting up pipes and drapes, making table displays, etc. When I think about my favorites for July, I can only think of people – because if it wasn’t for them, I might not have survived July.IMG_0450 1. Ray – I know this is obvious, but Ray is my #1 favorite of all time. I had several dramatic cry sessions during July and Ray was always kind, understanding, and took time to comfort me, even when he was equally stressed out. Guys, he’s just a really great husband.photo 1 (8) 2. Brie – Guys, I just can’t survive without my sister. She saves my life and always talks me out of being a crazy person, which can be my natural tendency. She also took care of Black Cat while we were at the beach last weekend!kyle 3. Kyle – If it wasn’t for Kyle, I probably wouldn’t have had an art booth at Infinity Con. Not only because he lets me use all his art supplies, but also because he pushes and inspires me to be better with my art. He also never judges me for my Chasteen’s lunch obsession.n and d(this hilarious photo is from the Lake City Today facebook page)
4. David and Nina – After countless planning sessions, meetings, emails, chats, roadtrips, and promotional events I can’t even believe the four of us are all still alive. These two were in the thick of stress and craziness with us and we wouldn’t have it any other way.jp and lp(I stole this picture from LP’s facebook page)
5. Jonny and Leanne – I love our friendship with Jonny and Leanne. Jonny and Ray have been friends since they were teens and Leanne and I were roommates – all before any of us were married. J + L have been so incredibly loving and encouraging over the last month, but also over the last year with Ray being sick and in the hospital so much. Leanne wrote our Infinity Con press release, manned the panel room, ran errands, and helped with setup and tare down during the Con. Jonny helped with flooring, setup, dug and covered up a ditch, helped with parking, and security. Jonny also mowed our grass, and if you read about our lawn woes, you know that’s a pretty big deal. 😉
6. TJ, Laura, Mike, Nate, Patrick, Lacey, Steve, Jeh, Tristan, my parents, Ray’s parents, Nina’s parents, David’s parents, Brad, Mr. Boozer the Fire Chief, Kenny, Dale, Katie, Chris, Leann, Emily, Blair, Brie, Kristi, Marilyn, Josh, Tammy, Tim – and probably 20-30 other I forgot. These guys were more amazing for words! Also, everyone who attended Infinity Con!
Thanks for being awesome and making mine and Ray’s month a little better!