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Root beer – IBC

IBCAllison’s Review:
Creaminess –  2.5
Not bad, I would say it was average.
Flavor – 3
Slightly spicier than most other brands with a nice root flavor. Classic and predictable.
Carbonation- 4.5
The perfect amount of carbonation. I just wish it didn’t make me burp every 3 seconds…
Packaging- 1.5
Well, it’s pretty boring. I’m not drawn to it at all
Experience- 3
This is the root beer I grew up drinking so the flavor is nostalgic for me.IBC 2

Ray’s Review:
Creaminess –  3.5
This is a decently creamy root beer.
Carbonation – 3.5
The carbonation isn’t too much and isn’t too little. It’s an definite parts of its flavor
Flavor – 3.5
I mean this is an IBC root beer. It’s flavor to me is just a very classic root beer flavor. A nice amount of creaminess and carbonation and normal root beer flavor. There are really no surprises here. But that’s not really a bad thing. This is a recognizable and reliable root beer
Packaging – 3
packaging is a simple brown embossed glass bottle. It’s simple but effective
Experience – 3.5
The overall experience isn’t really anything special. But very reliable. This is a simple no frills good root beer.

How do you feel about IBC?