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Life Update: Summer 2016

IMG_1015With Infinity Con only a few weeks away, it’s been busier than usual at the Hancock house. Here’s some of what’s been going on over the last month (actually, here are the things I’ve photographed, haha):IMG_1018IMG_1024– A few weeks ago my sister, mom, and I went to the annual Blueberry festival in Wellborn, FL. I love small-town festivals, especially when they revolve around food. Once, Ray and I stumbled upon a super tiny Potato and Cabbage festival! We had to stop and enjoy the small town fun! Back to the Blueb fest- it was a great (but hot) time! We enjoyed a delicious blueberry pancake + sausage breakfast served at Wellborn Baptist Church. We then rode a trolley over to the fest which was awesome since we didn’t have to fight for parking. There were booths selling blueberries, blueberry plants, blueberry jam, etc. along with the typical church and political booths you generally see at these kinds of festivals. The only purchase I ended up making was a jar of Serrano pepper jelly.IMG_1030IMG_1028IMG_1033

– We also made a stop at our favorite plant nursery in north Florida, Nobles Greenhouse and Nursery. Nobles is like an oasis in the middle of Live Oak, FL. They have fruit trees, herbs, roses, hedges, succulents- you name it!
– After our car accident we were in desperate need of a good reliable car. We’re so thankful we had a good friend looking to sell her car! We’re really happy with our new (to us) accord!august 2

Our 4th of July was spent working on Infinity Con, volunteering at our local fireworks celebration, and enjoying Sonic treats.

I believe that gets everyone up to speed!


The news loves to talk about the dangers of social media, how it’s producing a generation of narcissists and selfie-addicts. While I very much agree, I also believe social media has produced a lot of positive and fun things as well. One of my favorite things that has come out of social media is the hashtag #throwbackthursday. With the TimeHop app, #throwbackthursday couldn’t be easier to participate in. I love to reminisce and see old photos. I love to remember fun times, and even hard times. Today I want to share and explain some of my favorite throw back photos of Ray and I.alliray This is a classic Allison/Ray photo. The first time Ray and I hung out with each other alone was in the Spring of 2007. We had been friends for a while and always had a good chemistry. We would hang out at church and talk back and forth on myspace, a throw back in and of itself. One day, he asked if I wanted to go to Live Oak with him while he paid a traffic ticket, haha. I had a new fancy camera, so we decided to have a photo adventure day after he paid his ticket. On our photo tour we found this flamingo and had to take a few shots with him. That evening, Ray sent me this picture, of our individual photos on top of each other. He also made one for himself with his flamingo photo on top and mine on the bottom. We used them as our myspace profile pictures for a long time. I loved this photo then, and I love it even more now.alliray 2 This tank photo was taken on the same day as the flamingo photos. We were so young and carefree. 4th of July 3 This photo was taken about a year after the flamingo photos. We had been dating for about a month. Ray had shaved off his beard because he thought I didn’t like it, which was completely false but at the time (2008) the average girl wasn’t into beards. So, we’ll forgive him. Before selfies were all the rage, bathroom mirror photos were the thing. So, here we are in Ray’s tiny apartment bathroom, dirty mirror, dinosaur stickers and all. alliray 4 This is, in fact, probably one of the worst photos of me. I have no idea when, where, or by whom it was taken. While this isn’t the cutest depiction of my face (ahem, I look like a goon), I love that I’m wearing my airplane necklace. For Valentines day in 2008 (right after we became official) Ray gave me an airplane necklace he bought from etsy. While it’s not something I would wear much today and it was relatively cheap, I love that necklace so much. It reminds me of the beginning of our relationship, when we were young, silly,  and I had a job where airplane necklaces were acceptable. Haha.
I’m looking forward to the next 10 years of photos Ray and I will have together.

Around Big Brown

After being off for a month for his surgery, Ray went back to last week! It’s an adjustment for sure, but it’s nice to be back in a “normal” routine. Bits and pieces of Christmas are still around, but at least they’re all in one place ready to be put upstairs. Our sun room is becoming a plant palooza and we love it so much. We have plans to build more shelves in our sun room for plants and a new home for our records in the living room. A house is always a work in progress, am I right?IMG_9990IMG_9991IMG_9992IMG_9995IMG_9999

I wont say cold

So, it’s cool outside. I wont say cold because that would be stretching it, but there is a definite crisp in the air. And I could be wrong, but I feel like this happened all of a sudden. Having lived in Florida all my life I’m well aware that this is a fluke and the real fall weather wont start until late November… but I’m really enjoying this chilly snap.

In my mind it’s officially fall because my birthday is less than 3 weeks away, I’ve already started making plans to attend the annual Micanopy Fall Festival and everyone I know wont stop talking about pumpkin spice. This is by far my favorite time of year. The last few weeks have been really busy for me and Ray trying to balance work, meetings, clients, etc. Here’s hoping we get some time this weekend to hang out and relax with each other. And maybe watch some Freaks and Geeks.

Weekend Thrift Finds!

This weekend we had really good luck thrifting! We woke up early and went to the flea market, which I almost never enjoy, but Ray found some mic stands for the studio at a great price. We also bought an antique climbing rose bush for Ray’s mom from the plant guy (who might be Rick Moranis). From there, we went to starbucks for fuel and continued on to various thrift stores where we found a vegetable themed crewel embroidery and a vintage drinking glass, a fire king mug and an impostor pyrex mug.

Goodwill was where we really hit the jackpot. So many good books and plays. And hello vintage thermos collection!

The pink thermos was actually purchased a few weeks ago but I thought it would be pretty in this photo.

Here are some books we found a few weeks ago.

What are some of YOUR recent thrift finds?