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Cactus Love on Etsy

It’s no secret that Ray and I are slightly obsessed with our house plants, which are made up primarily of cacti and succulents. We do a pretty good job of keeping them alive AND they’re nice to look at. I mean, have you seen our sunroom?
Below are 5 of my favorite cactus themed etsy finds! I want them all! cactus love 1. Cactus Pillow – How perfect is this? I love the blue, but you can also purchase this pillow in green.
2. Cactus Pouch – Because my hand sanitizer and lipstick belong in a cactus pouch, obviously.
3. Prickly Pear Print – Isn’t this print cute? I think this would work well in our bathroom and help tie in our retro pink tile.
4. Watercolor Wall Mural – I know wall murals/wall paper trends come and go, but I feel like this particular print has some staying power. I love the watercolor look and I think this would look great on an accent wall or even used as a backdrop for a party or photo shoot.
5. Wooden Plant Stand – Lately, I’ve been browsing different types of plant stands to use in our living room. I’m really digging this simple wooden look.

Do you love cacti as much as we do? What are you currently loving on etsy?

Around Big Brown

When Ray and I got married I owned very little home-y things. I didn’t have a Hope Chest or inherited china or a couch. I know the concept of Hope Chests is a little amish-y, but they’re actually a great idea. I have friends who had Hope Chests filled with towels, George Foreman grills, waffle irons, and even, like, Christmas decorations. When we got married I had bedroom furniture, 4 bowls, 4 mugs, a mini cookie sheet, a boxy tv, a VHS/DVD player combo situation, and maybe a muffin tin. Ray lived on his own for 7 years before we bought Big Brown and had a hodge podge of weird hand-me-down / yard sale furniture and home goods. Black oxagonal plates, semi-broken bed, gigantic ship paintings, a coat of arms, empty fish tanks, an amp used as a coffee table… you get the idea.IMG_0486IMG_0536(this is what our dining room table has looked like for the past few weeks)
When we moved into Big Brown we didn’t have money to purchase all new furniture, so we just kind of worked with what we had, albeit a little tacky and dated. We were given a few pieces of furniture that weren’t exactly our taste or style (ahem, king size waterbed) but tried to utilize them as best we could.
We’re slowly (very slowly) purchasing new furniture and home-y items and getting rid of the old ones. I wouldn’t say our style is majorly changing, but it is evolving. We now have a better idea of how our home works and how we want to utilize our space.IMG_0101 (Functional Record Shelving)pps(pops! on display in Ray’s studio)
We’re converting one of our upstairs bedrooms into an organized storage space. We have a rather large home, but almost zero storage space and awkwardly small closets. We also don’t have a garage or utilities room. We only have a crumbling car port type area that we refer to as Little Brown. It’s open to the elements and certainly not the space I want to store decorations or, like, blankets that aren’t being used. Since we already have a guest room, making the second upstairs bedroom into a storage space is the best decision for us. Organization isn’t either of our strong suits, but we’re trying to work. I lean towards wanting to throw everything away and Ray leans towards saving everything… So, as you can imagine, figuring out our storage room has been a struggle.
We’ll definitely keep you updated on all the changes!