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February Favorites 2016

Without further ado, my February 2016 favorites!
IMG_0982Lavender and Mint Conditioner by Young Living – Mint scented hair products are always a favorite, and this one sure doesn’t disappoint! This conditioner makes my hair so soft and doesn’t have any weird scary chemicals!IMG_0980 Big Shampoo by Lush – It’s been almost a year since I’ve bought Big and I’ve missed it!!! This shampoo gives my fine limp hair such nice volume! It also smells like a spa!
IMG_0967Pineapples – In December Ray and I attended a Christmas party with a chocolate dipped fruit platter. Our surprise favorite was the white chocolate dipped pineapple. I decided to recreate them for our Valentine’s Day brunch. Since then I’ve been obsessed with pineapple. I’ve been buying 2 whole pineapples a week and I’ve still been running out!
IMG_0965Strawberries – Strawberries are so good right now (at least here in Florida) and I can’t get enough!
IMG_0971Banana Bread – Sunday evenings have become my time to bake. Every Sunday evening Ray records and edits his podcast (check it out here) and I do laundry, bake, and paint my nails. Lately I’ve been really into baking banana bread. It’s easy, delicious, and provides me with breakfast for the following week. My favorite way to eat it is to add a little butter and then toast it until the outside is a bit crispy.
IMG_0975Upgraded Eagle Lamps  – Many moons ago, when Ray and I were just friends and not even dating, we were browsing a local antique mall when Ray spotted 2 eagle lamps he had to have. They lived in Ray’s apartment, and then our living room. While we both liked their shape and uniqueness, they were looking a little shabby. 10 years later, the eagle lamps got a nice upgrade! A few weeks ago we spray painted them rose gold, fixed a wiring issue on one, and added new shades!
IMG_0979Rose Gold Spray Paint- That brings me to my next favorite, Rose Gold Spray Paint. I want to paint everything in our house rose gold! So far, the eagle lamps and a large planter have been the only spray paint victims.IMG_0984 marshmallow earbuds – Hi, my name is Allison and I have really small ear holes. Ear buds are absolutely essential to my everyday life. While I’m at work I’m always listening to podcasts, music, webinars, youtube videos, ect. For years I have struggled with painful too-big ear buds- the original iphone ear buds are the absolute worst. For Christmas, Ray spent some time researching and bought me a pair of Marshmallows. They’re comfortable in my ears and don’t fall out! I love them! If your ear holes (?) are on the smaller side, check these out!
House of Cards – We are still loving House of Cards! We’re currently in the middle of season 3, and we can’t wait to start season 4! (which premired on Netflix last week) #FU2016
Snapchat – I’ve been a long time lurker, mostly just watching the snapchats from bloggers and youtubers I like… but now I snapchat too! So, if you want to, like, watch me talk to Black Cat or cook risotto- add me! allisondhancock

Top 5 Tuesday

A new series I’m starting on this Blog is “Top 5 Tuesday” and I’m really excited about it! Every Tuesday I will be sharing my top 5 of something. Top 5 favorite movies, top 5 weirdest moments, top 5 funniest youtube videos, etc. Today, for the first Top 5 Tuesday I’m sharing my top Tuesdays. Are you confused yet? Here we go!!

5. Tuesday Mornings (the store)
4. Ruby Tuesday (the restaurant) – On the real I DO NOT love Ruby Tuesdays, BUT the first real date Ray and I ever went on was at Ruby Tuesday. Kind of embarrassing, right? We had been friends for several years and had been out to eat together many times at that point… but, for some reason, the Ruby Tuesday night was when it started to feel like we were actually dating.
3. My cousin Heather’s cat that was named Tuesday
2. Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones (the song)

1. Fat Tuesday (TODAY!!!!!) – Happy Mardi Gras!!!!
FNMPS- Someone bring me a King Cake!!!!

October 2015 Favorites

October has flown by! We’ve had plans every weekend of October and it looks like it will stay that way through November and December. Here are a few of my favorites from October:
1 2
– Apple Cider – It’s apple cider season and I couldn’t be happier about it. My inlaws just brought us some apple cider from their recent trip to North Carolina. I can’t wait to try it!
– Popcorn (with a few reese’s pieces on top) – We watched the first hour of Scream this month, and I had to have popcorn. We don’t have a microwave, and sometimes cleaning the popcorn maker seems like torture, so we usually buy jiffy pop (a la Scream).
– Pears – It’s pear season and I can’t get enough of them!
– Not Your Mother’s Clean Freak dry shampoo – Historically, I’ve had bad luck with dry shampoo. This is my first time trying Not Your Mother’s and so far, so good!
– Sally Hansen’s Diamond basecoat – I finally bought another one of these a few weeks ago. For the past several months I’ve been using up basecoats that I don’t really love and don’t really work well. I’m finally back to my tried and true!
– Size Matters by Essie – A fall essential!
– Peppermint Essential Oil – I’ve had a few headaches this month and I’ve used peppermint oil on the back of my neck and my temples to aid in alleviating pain. Ray has also used it under his nose to help with his nighttime stuffiness.
– Lemon Essential Oil – I’ve been using lemon oil to clean and to freshen my sink. Not to mention, it smells amazing!
*Not Pictured*
– My birthday – I turned 30 in October. 3-0. Thanks to all my friends and family who celebrated with me!
– Epcot’s Food and Wine Festival – I don’t want to say too much, as full post on the festival is coming Wednesday. Just know it was awesome and I loved it!
Scream Queens – Guys… just trust me. Best new show of the season!

“What fresh hell is this?”

3 things I need for being 30

In 3 days I will be 30. The big 3-0!! I’m a little sad because I don’t want wrinkles, but I’m mostly happy to be older and wiser. Here are 3 items I need to purchase for my 30 year old self and why:
(there are far too many 3’s in the post. sorry, kind of)qooden watch 1. Jord Cora Koa & Rose Gold watch – On the real, I haven’t worn a watch consistently since I was working at summer camps. My summer camp watches were plastic, costs around $10, and were usually broken by the end of the summer. I think it’s time, being an almost-thirty-year-old lady, to have a nice watch. I love the rose gold + wood combo. As my wedding band is also made of wood, I think it they’ll look nice together. black-and-white-polka-dot-twin-sheets-1024x3642. 600 thread count polka dot sheets – Good soft sheets are important, and not just once you reach 30. I believe every adult should have at least one pair of good sheets. I love these because polka dots are (still) my jam!raw opal 3. Raw Opal Ring – Can I tell you a sort of sad story? When Ray I got engaged he gave me a vintage opal ring. I love it with all my heart. The opal was a little “dusty” which made it unique. Then one day, a few years ago, the opal fell out and was gone forever. Ray had the stone replaced, but the ring just wasn’t the same. Even though that special ring is no longer the same, it made me fall in love with opals. Also, apparently it’s my birthstone!! I’ve had my eye on these raw opal rings for a while! Aren’t they fun?

Well, that’s it. I’m sure there are more things I need like anti-aging cream and orthopedic shoes, but maybe those can wait a few more years. We’ll see…

Photography, hospital stays, and Margot West


  1. I took this photo during the fall of 2005. It was the beginning of October and I  was on my way to my friends, Dale and Amber’s house. I remember the moment very specifically because it was then when I started to believe I was probably the best photographer in North America.
  2. In reality I just happened to capture a pretty sky. But look at it! 10 years later and I still love it!
  3. It’s a lot harder for me to blog in the fall and winter. I work during the day and once I get home I have approximately 12 seconds of optimal light left for photos. And, I mean, who wants to read blogs with no photos? I sure don’t!
  4. Ray always says I should just learn to take better photos in low light… but I’d rather watch The Mindy Project than learn about photos.
  5. Speaking of Ray (my bae, hunny bunny, muffin cake), it was a year ago that he went into the hospital and we discovered he had diverticulitis. 3 hospital stays, 2 major surgeries, lots of dilaudid,  $5690450968456, and a year later, Ray’s doing pretty well. old 5
  6. Speaking of Ray again… Here’s another old fall photo. A selfie before selfies were such a thing. I love this photo, but I hate that hat. I’ve always hated that hat. The Newsboy/B-Spears/train conductor look just isn’t my fave.
  7. This was maybe taken in 2007? Maybe 2008? There’s a guitar in the backseat so I’m assuming this was during the years of Margot West (Ray’s old band, if you’re new here).
  8. Margot West is one of my favorite bands and I promise I’m not even being bias.
  9. One evening in late October of 2007, Margot West (then sort of called Gun Smoke?) played a show at the county fair. After the show Ray pulled me over to his truck and gave me a birthday present of two Nancy Drew books. One about a robot and one about a fire dragon. That’s when I knew he liked me.
  10. This post got too mushy too quickly. Sorry not sorry!!!!