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Spooky October Playlist


For years and years I made annual October mix CDs. I truly wish I still had copies of them, especially the ones from the early 2000’s. I would design the CD sleeves and snail-mail them to my out-of-town friends. Seeing as how I don’t even have a CD player, I figured I would upgrade to a playlist. Above is my Slightly Spooky October 2016 playlist!
Listen here!

Thoughts While Watching Downtown by Macklemore aka Who is Ryan Lewis


Here are a few of my thoughts while watching Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video for Downtown. Enjoy!

– Macklemore is so clever and charming. Actually, I’ve heard Ryan Lewis is the mastermind but I still don’t know who he is or how he fits into this situation.
– Whew! Mopeds are never not hilarious.
– The beginning of this video reminds me of the Electric Company. I liked the show, but my true love was always Sesame Street.
– “Honestly, I don’t know nothin’ about mopeds.” *taking a break to text Ray and ask if the motorcycle shop he did IT work for sold mopeds. Good news! They did!*
– “Ooooooh! It’s too real!”
– Is $800 an accurate price for a moped? *texting Ray again. He says it’s closer to $6,000.* That doesn’t seem accurate either…
– 1:20 Oooh! I love this green Evel Knievel¬†suit!!! I’m ALWAYS okay with a man wearing fringe.
– 1:25 I also love the Moosercycle!!!
– 1:37 Homegirl is fabulous in those hoops and that denim shorts jumpsuit. Romper? Idk, I like it. Very early 2000’s J-Lo.
– Baseball player catching a fish.
– Here comes crazy man with a motorcycle chariot.
– Wait. Is that Ryan Lewis?!?!?!?!
– Moped side cars?! When I see a sidecar I always think of the cooking show Tow Fat Ladies, because their preferred way of travel was by motorcycle and sidecar.
– 2:36 High singer/possible Ryan Lewis gets a fringe coat to match his fringe vest. So much fringe in this video! Also, so many pointy collars.
– Street fight!!!
– 2:53 I can’t decide if piggy back man is funny or scary. He has a villain mustache which is scary, but he has bangs which are funny. His face never moves which can be both scary and funny.
– Is Macklemore a furry?? This is my new #1 concern.
– “I’m on the back street, listening to Blackstreet!!!!!”
– 3:29 Macklemore’s face while riding on the back of that moped is too good!!
– The dance moves are getting a little too “penis centric” for me right now.
– Mystery high singer/possible Ryan Lewis is back! I like his dance moves but I feel he’s at risk of breaking his knees, which would probably be the worst bones to break. I don’t know, he’s probably a professional though.
– 3:38 My seconds favorite part of the song!
– 4:02 I love smiling man in red velour. He’s the baseball player that caught a fish earlier in the video.
– Street party!!! Macklemore and mystery high singer/Ryan Lewis are friends again!
– Hip hop and mopeds bring people together!


Wednesday Jams

I’ve talked a little about my musical journey on here before. Oldies to pop to contemporary Christian to indie to oldies again to… well, you get the picture. Instead of podcasts, I’ve been listening to more music while at work.
Here’s what I’m currently jamming to:

We first saw Shaky Graves a little over a year ago when he was on tour with Shovels and Rope. We were instantly into him.

After Missy Elliott’s surprise performance at the Super Bowel I became re-obsessed with her. Ray is not enjoying this obsession.

What are you currently jamming to?

End of the Summer Jam List

Even though I live in Florida I can feel the weather, if only slightly, starting to change. Summer is coming to an end and I think it’s only appropriate to post my end of summer playlist. Some of these songs were played over and over this summer and some of them just remind me of August and September. If you haven’t heard some of these make sure to check them out.
1. Swim Club by The Cave Singers
2. If I Loved You by Delta Rae
3. Shank Hill St by Shovels and Rope
4. Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men
5. Love is Blindness by Jack White
6. 22 by Taylor Swift
7. Trollywood by Eisley
8. Blow it Out by The Features
9. Heart in a Cage by Chris Thile
10. My Father’s Gun by Elton John

Shovels and Rope

shovels and rope
We are currently OBSESSED with the band Shovels and Rope. My friend Kayla mentioned them several times over various social media sites, and because I know she has great taste, I decided to check them out. Shovels and Rope is made up of a married couple from South Carolina. Their debut album is called O’ Be Joyful and I think you should definitely check it out.

Guys, they’re so good!! Ray describes them as delta-folk-country-rock, and I think it’s pretty accurate.

Who are you musically obsessed with right now?