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Nailed It!

IMG_0221 IMG_0218My favorite kind of nails are always ALWAYS space nails. I haven’t talked about it on here much, but I’m super into space. I mean, did you know that the astronauts living on the international space stations have twitter accounts? It’s amazing! They post pictures and videos all the time! Also, did you know I went to space camp with my class in 6th grade? I loved it! I’ll be turning 30 this year (ahhhhhhhh!) and have been toying with the idea of having a space themed birthday party! So, do you like space? Are you scared of space (MeLissa!)? More importantly, do you like space nails?!


Nailed It!

IMG_0142Is it spring yet? I know 3/4 of the county is covered in snow, but it was 70ish degrees here last weekend. And while I know that doesn’t really mean anything and Florida weather is fickle this time of year, I’m ready for Spring. So, why not reflect that in nail polish? Also, is it just me or do these nails remind you of Rocko’s Modern Life?IMG_0145IMG_0147

Splash of Grenadine by Essie
Turquoise and Caicos by Essie
Good Morning Hope by Essie
My friend Kyle and I also discovered that these nails perfectly match the tables at my favorite lunch time spot, Chasteen’s!


2014 in Polish

2014 was a good year in polish for me, even though I’ve been neglecting my nails for the past 2 months. I decided to post my top ten favorite nail looks from 2014. Enjoy!

1. Space Nails – I ALWAYS love space/sky/nebular nails.space nails
2. X-Men Nails – Ray has been a huge x-men fan since he was a little boy. I did this look for the Days of Future Past premier! xmen
3. Panda Nails – Because why not?panda nails 2
4. Pineapple Nails – Pineapples were so trendy this summer! I had to represent with a little nail art! pineapple nails 2
5. Water Color Gradient Nails – These turned out so much prettier than I was expecting.fruit loop nails 3
6. Green on green Nails – Inspired by Twin Peaks!greens 1
7. TV Nails – Inspired by a Zooey Deschanel manicure she wore to the Golden Globes.tv nails 2
8. Rose Gold Tipped Nails – Simple and pretty.classy 2
9. Zig Zag Nails – Inspired by a bathing suit I had as a child.80s 2
10. Triangle Nails – One of my favorite color combos!rage 2

Looking forward to new nail inspiration for 2015!

Nailed It


I get asked pretty frequently what products I use on my hands and nails. I’m not an expert or a manicurist, but I thought I would share some of the products I really like.
1. Paraffin hand lotion – This brand is great, but any paraffin lotion works for me!
2. Sally Hansen Diamond Base Coat – This is the best base coat you can find at the drug store.
3. Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat – I’ve talked about this product many times before. It’s the absolute best top coat I’ve ever used.
4. Burt’s Bees Cuticle Cream – Not only is this cuticle cream awesome it also smells great.
5. pointy ended cotton buds – Because nail polish on cuticles isn’t cute.
6. dotting tools – Because I REALLY love polka dot nails.
7. glass nail file – Because I like it.