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Buffalo Nickel Necklace

IMG_6392 -1My friend Kayla, who was actually one of my fuge campers in 2007 during the hardest week of camp I’ve ever worked, posted an instagram of this necklace she got for Christmas. I instantly fell in love. I was literally on etsy looking this beauty up during our family festivities.
Isn’t it beautiful? It’s one of my new favorite things.
Buffalo/Indian Head nickels were only in circulation for 25 years (1913- 1938), which was partly due to how easily they became worn. That being said, I have no idea to date of the specific coin on my necklace.
IMG_6398 - 1I’ve kind of become obsessed with coin necklaces in the past few weeks. This is another one of my favorites. What are you obsessing over right now?