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Weekend Update

This weekend included: sleeping in, homemade onion rings, being lazy, rain storms, hydrangeas, kittens, cleaning kitten poop (blah), the twilight zone, klondike bars, dawson’s creek, church, lunch with friends, taking pictures, homemade kale soup, sweet times and LOTS of relaxing. It was wonderful.

I’m off today so hopefully I’ll do something productive and not just watch makeup videos on youtube all afternoon. How was your weekend?

Hamburger Heaven

The other day Ray and I made a quick trip to our favorite little hamburger place. Bev’s Better Burgers, which is only about 100 yards from Bev’s Burger Cafe, is our favorite tiny burger joint. It’s located in the super cute, semi-hippie town of High Springs, Fl. If you’re ever in the area I highly recommend Bev’s. Also, it’s just down the road from one of our favorite antique malls! In fact, about 80% of Ray’s clothing has come from said antique mall. Anyway, we love hamburgers (and cheeseburgers and onion rings).

Burger dates = best dates!