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Big Brown Repair Town

If you have not already heard or if you didn’t see my frantic status updates (or if you didn’t read this blog), hurricane Beryl broke Big Brown. On Memorial Day afternoon Ray and I were in our dining room when we heard the loudest scariest boom. A tree had fallen onto the music studio in the back of the house. Water was pouring in, chaos ensued and I almost had a panic attack. Ray quickly covered the gaping hole in our roof with a tarp and
we used a huge rubbermaid container (the previous home to all of the Margot West merch) to catch the water falling into the studio. Thankfully, no equipment or computers were damaged. A friend from church came over and patched it up for us to stop any further damage. As crappy as all this may sound no one was hurt, we were able to stop the water quickly and the damage could have been way worse.

I just have no idea why there is a mystery cd between the window and the storm shade.

Tuesday a guy from our insurance came by to asses the damage. This was pretty much what I was dreading. Basically, he said we will have to replace the roof, replace the ceiling, tear out a wall and redo the floor. BLAHH. But, thanks to our insurance, our house is about to turn into Big Brown Repair Town! Yay! So, I’ll keep you updated (maybe, unless I forget) on all the construction/repairs.