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weekend update

My default evening is to be lazy and lay around and watch silly tv shows with Ray. My default outfit is jeans, a black tshirt, cardigan and moccasins (which is what I wear to work every single day). My default book to read is Echos in the Wind by Beverly Lewis, which I first read in 6th grade. And yes, it’s a Christian junior fiction book about Amish people. My default hair do is bangs braided back and no brushing ever. When I’m sick, my default is to be needy and sad.

I’ve been ridiculously sick for the past 4 days. Like yucky stomach-y sick with headaches and body aches to top it off. I’ve been mostly needy and sad and grumpy since Thursday. Thankfully, I have the best husband who’s been understanding, sweet, bought me gatorade and made me toast.

Ray made a delicious lemon and blueberry cake on Friday, which we thought healed me… but unfortunately, it didn’t.

Not pictured from this weekend : numerous episodes of Jersey Shore, lots of sick sleep and LOTS of meds.