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August 2015 Favorites

august 2august 1GG– Mint Limeade from Sonic. You know when you’re really in the mood for a refreshing mojito but it’s 11:00am on a Tuesday and you’re running errands for work? Mint Limeade is for you. It’s lime-y, minty, refreshing, and not too sweet. I’m obsessed. My sister is obsessed. My mom. My dad. My friends. It’s the best!

– Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond. I must confess, this is my second time reading this. My third, if you count the blog installments Ree posted on The Pioneer Woman before her book was published. It’s funny, romantic, and an easy read. Sometimes I want to sit in a bath and read something familiar, BlackĀ Heels to Tractor Wheels is perfect for those times.

-Gossip Girl. I read the books in middle school, but I’ve just recently started watching the show. I was looking for something fun to watching on Netflix during my lunch break, and GG was the perfect pick. #chuckbassforever

*Not Pictured*
– Ryan Adams covering T-Swift. Guys, you know I know love Taylor Swift. (and everyone else in America. Have you seen her stage guests at her recent world tour?) You also should know I love Ryan Adams. I mean, the only CD I had in my car for the entire year of 2005 was Heartbreaker. Ryan Adams announced a few weeks ago that he will be covering T-Swift’s 1989 album and I couldn’t be more excited about it! Here are a few clips he’s been posting on twitter.

What have you been loving lately?