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Nailed It!

IMG_0221 IMG_0218My favorite kind of nails are always ALWAYS space nails. I haven’t talked about it on here much, but I’m super into space. I mean, did you know that the astronauts living on the international space stations have twitter accounts? It’s amazing! They post pictures and videos all the time! Also, did you know I went to space camp with my class in 6th grade? I loved it! I’ll be turning 30 this year (ahhhhhhhh!) and have been toying with the idea of having a space themed birthday party! So, do you like space? Are you scared of space (MeLissa!)? More importantly, do you like space nails?!


Nailed It

IMG_0221IMG_0218My favorite nails are always ALWAYS space nails. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about it much on here, but I’m really into space. I went to Space Camp in 6th grade. I always make it a point to follow the twitter accounts of the astronauts living on the International Space Station. I’m currently trying to convince Ray that for my next birthday I need to have a space themed party!