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mega11As some of you may know, we went to Megacon in Orlando last weekend! Megacon is a crazy mixture of comicbook fans, sci-fi writers, artists, anima creatures, gamers, cos-players, etc. We are both involved in a project that includes several of these elements (weird, I know).  We spent majority of our time in panels learning the ins and out of indie comics, comic writing, character development, kickstarter, etc.mega8 One of our favorite parts of the conference was seeing all the cos-players. Any fictional character you can think of was there. Spider-man, batman, aquaman, sexy elves, dark elves, unknown creatures, terrifying silent hill nurses, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, box heads, etc. Here are a few of our favorites…mega7mega1mega2mega4mega3mega9mega6mega5mega10Aren’t they so fun?!