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Top 5 Tuesday : 90’s Heartthrobs

Time for another top 5 Tuesday!!! ┬áIt’s time to relive Tiger Beat…Today I’m talking about my top 5 90’s heartthrobs! I had crushes on all these guys through my teen and tween years!

5. Ben Savageht1Obvs. I was sooooo obsessed with Boy Meets World! Despite them being cuter, I always like Corey more than Eric and Shawn because he was nice and never got in trouble. Haha!
4. Taylor Hansonht7Pretty enough to be a girl! I loved Hanson as an 11 year old and I love Hanson as a 30 year old! Taylor was always my favorite. This past November, Hason was playing at Epcot during the Food and Wine festival and I’m still upset I missed them! Mmmbop.
3. Jonathon Taylor Thomasht8 While I was a fan of JTT in Home Improvement, my favorite version of him was from Man of the House, which also starred Chevy Chase. He was cute, funny, and a little bit of a trouble maker. Heartthrob material for sure!
2. Leonardo Di Caprioht6Whew, Leo (unlike most others on this list) can absolutely be on a 2016 Heartthrob list! Not only did he star in huge hits like Titanic and Romeo + Juliet, he was also in Growing Pains- which is where I first saw him and started crushing.
1. Joshua Jacksonht5What a dream, am I right? We’re on a little bit of a Dawson’s Creek kick, and I’m certainly not mad about seeing more of Pacey Witter. Also, let’s not forget about Joshua Jackson starring in The Mighty Ducks- the ultimate 90’s movie.

Who are you favorite 90’s heartthrobs?!