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Top 5 Tuesday

It’s political season, the most annoying season in 4 years!  To take your mind off the potential downfall of politics in America, I’m taking the political conversation in a different route. Yesterday was President’s Day, so in celebration I’m presenting you with the top 5 hottest American presidents.
5. Andrew Johnsonpresident andrew(Because he looks striking like Tommy Lee Jones, and TLJ is extremely attractive in A Coal Minor’s Daughter. )president tljSee? SWOON!
4. Calvin Cooligepresident calvinCheck out that jaw line.
I have no idea what’s happening in this photo, but I like it.preseident calvin3. John F. Kennedypresident kennedy2. George W. Bush
I know this is a controversial pick, but I think ole’ W has really cute boyish charm.
president george 1. Ulysses S. Grantpresident ulyssesUm, hello??!! There was really no competition here. president ulysses 2

Top 5 Tuesday

A new series I’m starting on this Blog is “Top 5 Tuesday” and I’m really excited about it! Every Tuesday I will be sharing my top 5 of something. Top 5 favorite movies, top 5 weirdest moments, top 5 funniest youtube videos, etc. Today, for the first Top 5 Tuesday I’m sharing my top Tuesdays. Are you confused yet? Here we go!!

5. Tuesday Mornings (the store)
4. Ruby Tuesday (the restaurant) – On the real I DO NOT love Ruby Tuesdays, BUT the first real date Ray and I ever went on was at Ruby Tuesday. Kind of embarrassing, right? We had been friends for several years and had been out to eat together many times at that point… but, for some reason, the Ruby Tuesday night was when it started to feel like we were actually dating.
3. My cousin Heather’s cat that was named Tuesday
2. Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones (the song)

1. Fat Tuesday (TODAY!!!!!) – Happy Mardi Gras!!!!
FNMPS- Someone bring me a King Cake!!!!