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Top 5 Tuesday

A new series I’m starting on this Blog is “Top 5 Tuesday” and I’m really excited about it! Every Tuesday I will be sharing my top 5 of something. Top 5 favorite movies, top 5 weirdest moments, top 5 funniest youtube videos, etc. Today, for the first Top 5 Tuesday I’m sharing my top Tuesdays. Are you confused yet? Here we go!!

5. Tuesday Mornings (the store)
4.¬†Ruby Tuesday (the restaurant) – On the real I DO NOT love Ruby Tuesdays, BUT the first real date Ray and I ever went on was at Ruby Tuesday. Kind of embarrassing, right? We had been friends for several years and had been out to eat together many times at that point… but, for some reason, the Ruby Tuesday night was when it started to feel like we were actually dating.
3. My cousin Heather’s cat that was named Tuesday
2. Ruby Tuesday by The Rolling Stones (the song)

1. Fat Tuesday (TODAY!!!!!) – Happy Mardi Gras!!!!
FNMPS- Someone bring me a King Cake!!!!

Thoughts While Watching Downtown by Macklemore aka Who is Ryan Lewis


Here are a few of my thoughts while watching Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video for Downtown. Enjoy!

– Macklemore is so clever and charming. Actually, I’ve heard Ryan Lewis is the mastermind but I still don’t know who he is or how he fits into this situation.
– Whew! Mopeds are never not hilarious.
– The beginning of this video reminds me of the Electric Company. I liked the show, but my true love was always Sesame Street.
– “Honestly, I don’t know nothin’ about mopeds.” *taking a break to text Ray and ask if the motorcycle shop he did IT work for sold mopeds. Good news! They did!*
– “Ooooooh! It’s too real!”
– Is $800 an accurate price for a moped? *texting Ray again. He says it’s closer to $6,000.* That doesn’t seem accurate either…
– 1:20 Oooh! I love this green Evel Knievel¬†suit!!! I’m ALWAYS okay with a man wearing fringe.
– 1:25 I also love the Moosercycle!!!
– 1:37 Homegirl is fabulous in those hoops and that denim shorts jumpsuit. Romper? Idk, I like it. Very early 2000’s J-Lo.
– Baseball player catching a fish.
– Here comes crazy man with a motorcycle chariot.
– Wait. Is that Ryan Lewis?!?!?!?!
– Moped side cars?! When I see a sidecar I always think of the cooking show Tow Fat Ladies, because their preferred way of travel was by motorcycle and sidecar.
– 2:36 High singer/possible Ryan Lewis gets a fringe coat to match his fringe vest. So much fringe in this video! Also, so many pointy collars.
– Street fight!!!
– 2:53 I can’t decide if piggy back man is funny or scary. He has a villain mustache which is scary, but he has bangs which are funny. His face never moves which can be both scary and funny.
– Is Macklemore a furry?? This is my new #1 concern.
– “I’m on the back street, listening to Blackstreet!!!!!”
– 3:29 Macklemore’s face while riding on the back of that moped is too good!!
– The dance moves are getting a little too “penis centric” for me right now.
– Mystery high singer/possible Ryan Lewis is back! I like his dance moves but I feel he’s at risk of breaking his knees, which would probably be the worst bones to break. I don’t know, he’s probably a professional though.
– 3:38 My seconds favorite part of the song!
– 4:02 I love smiling man in red velour. He’s the baseball player that caught a fish earlier in the video.
– Street party!!! Macklemore and mystery high singer/Ryan Lewis are friends again!
– Hip hop and mopeds bring people together!


Valentine’s / Olustee Weekend

olusteeRay and I had a really good Valentine’s / Olustee Festival weekend. To be honest, the majority of our weekends are made up of sleeping late, staying in pajamas, dishes laundry and maybe a little podcasting. Not so exciting, huh? We knew this weekend would be a little more interesting so we took the opportunity to vlog again!
So, why don’t you take a peek!

Guys, it was SOOO difficult to get this video uploaded to youtube. We’re still youtube beginners and in the process of figuring everything out. So, I apologize for this video being being about a week late.

Call Me Maybe

If you know me in real life or follow me on twitter, then you probably know that my favorite song for the past 9 months has been Call Me Maybe. Yes, I’m actually 14 years old. It’s on our daily jam list and neither of us are tired of it. Anyway, as much as I love the original version, this one is super fun too. Please enjoy.