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Year of Root Beer: Virgil’s

virgilsWe’re starting off our Year of Root Beer with a bang! Virgil’s Root Beer! Neither of us had tried this brand before and we were both pleasantly surprised.

Allison’s Review:
Creaminess- 2.5
Not bad, but I would normally prefer more of a creamy taste.
Flavor- 4
Great flavor. Very “rooty” with a hint of liquorish. Sweet and no strange after taste. A strange after-taste is the worst.
Carbonation- 3
Eh, average.
Packaging- 3.5
I like that the packaging actually looks like a beer bottle, and I like that the ladies on the label are sitting in giant chairs.
Overall Experience- 3.5
Virgil’s Root Beer is a good pick and I would absolutely repurchase it. Despite the lack of creaminess AND carbonation I really loved it. Very unique and bold.

Ray’s Review:
Creaminess – 2
This one only has a hint of creaminess
Flavor – 3.5
The flavor of this one is unique. This root beer has somewhat of a beer texture to it. The after taste is still good. It’s not as creamy as I usually like in a root beer but it has bold flavored with a hint if creaminess. There is a very slight hint of mint to the flavor which I feel like is unique.
Carbonation – 4
It’s not extremely carbonated, but if it was it would cancel out the flavor I believe.
Packaging – 4
Overall, I like the packaging. It claims to be a recipes from 1916. The label seems old and it’s wrapped around a dark bottle. I also enjoy the boldness of the bottle cap.
Experience – 4
This was a great root beer. Not perfect, but not predictable. Overall from the artwork to the glass bottle to the flavor, it was a very enjoyable root beer.

Have any of you tried this brand? How would you rate it? =)