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San Francisco Weekend

I spent a golden weekend in the golden state celebrating my friend Jenna’s birthday. We visited Chinatown, the mission district, the full house house, Sausalito, the ferry building, and Ghirardelli square. We walked 35 miles (this is almost accurate), climbed so many hills, rode a cable car, explored Muir Woods, and biked across the Golden Gate Bridge. We ate delicious food and drank not enough cocktails. We packed so much into three days! This was my first time visiting San Francisco and hopefully won’t be my last. It was a wonderful weekend and I wanted to share some of my photos with you!


This past week has been heavy for me. Sometimes it can just be a little exhausting to listen to (or read) conversations and arguments about race, religion, politics, rights, legitimacy of ice bucket challenges, etc. over and over again. While all of those are important and should be talked about, I’m going to take a break and listen to my new jam Shake it Off by T-Swift because… #weekend!!!

Have a good weekend!

Happy Weekend

You know, just 2 years worth of Alliray disguise pictures found on Ray’s iphone. Pretty exciting huh?  I hope you all have a great weekend.
1. Ray as Ironman
2. Me as Ironlady
3. Ray as a fancyass
4. Me as a fancyass
5. Ray as Groucho Marx
6. Me as Groucho Marxette
7. Ray as a dirty bane
8. Ray as a scary bird
9. Me as captain America
10. Me as an AZN
11. Ray as a metro-sexual Christian rock star (my fave!)
12. Ray as a dad from 1982. Or a welder.
13. Ray as a mariachi band member
14. Ray as a  Mexican
15. Ray as a middle-aged lady with a head ache
16.  Me as a reindeer

I plan on being lazy, petting rude cats, painting my nails, watching My Name is Earl and hanging out with the hubs.

Weekend Thrift Finds!

This weekend we had really good luck thrifting! We woke up early and went to the flea market, which I almost never enjoy, but Ray found some mic stands for the studio at a great price. We also bought an antique climbing rose bush for Ray’s mom from the plant guy (who might be Rick Moranis). From there, we went to starbucks for fuel and continued on to various thrift stores where we found a vegetable themed crewel embroidery and a vintage drinking glass, a fire king mug and an impostor pyrex mug.

Goodwill was where we really hit the jackpot. So many good books and plays. And hello vintage thermos collection!

The pink thermos was actually purchased a few weeks ago but I thought it would be pretty in this photo.

Here are some books we found a few weeks ago.

What are some of YOUR recent thrift finds?