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The Wes Anderson Collection via Etsy

The first time I ever saw a Wes Anderson movie was while I was in high school. A group of friends and I rented The Royal Tenenbaums from Blockbuster and watched it under blankets at my friend Erica’s house. I remember majority of our group didn’t like it, but to be fair we were all around 15 years old. I wasn’t in love with Royal Tenebaums after that first viewing, but I was really intrigued. I went on to watch Rushmore and then Life Aquatic when it came to theaters. Ray and I even watched Darjeeling Limited in a theater full of baby boomers. These movies were different and stylized and the aesthetic really resonated with me. Before I knew it, they were some of my absolute favorite films!
I’m talking about Wes today because Ray sent me a link to I Saved Latin, a cover album of songs featured in his movies. How cool is that? I also remembered the large number of Wes Anderson themed items I have in my Etsy favorites and decided to share some of them with you! the wes anderson collection 2 (clockwise starting at top left)

1.Team Zissou Swim Shorts – I want Ray to have these so bad! Life Aquatic is his favorite Wes Anderson film AND he hasn’t owned a swim suit in probably 10 years.
2.Grand Budapest Hotel Pencil Pack – Perfect for writing plays and love letters.
3. Wes Anderson Collection Socks – These are the cutest socks and they feature images from several of his films.
4. Moonrise Kingdom Print – I love this Sam and Suzy silhouette print!
5. Zebra Print Phone Case – This print is actually of the wallpaper in Margot’s room in Royal Tenenbaums. It’s iconic and I’m in love with it.
6.Life Aquatic Movie Poster – I think this would look perfect in our dining room!

Moonrise Kingdom: a review

As I mentioned yesterday, I FINALLY saw Moonrise Kingdom (remember when I posted about it forever ago?). Brie, and our friend Pearl and I went Saturday afternoon. I smuggled a Panera salad and giant green tea into the theater and Pearl wore a wig, so as you can imagine, we had a great time. We also ate fancy lady chcocolate that only melted a teeny bit in Pearl’s purse. Haha.
 I’m not really sure what to say about the movie other than it was perfect. Wes Anderson movies are filled with oddities and yet still feel so familiar and comfortable (except also slightly uncomfortable, if you know what I mean). This movie was interesting because the focus was on strange (troubled?) eccentric children, rather than the dysfunctional adults they will one day become.
 Some of my favorite details:
1. Wes Anderson replaced his usual futura bold with a new curley-q font.
2. Suzy’s stolen library books.
3. Suzy’s record player. Or, rather her brother’s record player.
4. Khaki scout uniforms.
5. The classic Wes Anderson slow-motion walking scene.


Moonrise Kingdom

I’m not sure if I can even express how excited I am for Wes Anderson’s Moonrise Kingdom to come out this weekend. Generally, I don’t get super excited about movies but this one is absolutely an exception. Wes’ films are expertly styled, incredibly creative and so inspirational! I can already tell that I’m going to be in love with all the details.

I mean, even the still shots look beautiful.
I can’t wait! Anyone else excited?