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Garden Update

IMG_0374IMG_7863IMG_0372Well, our garden was doing great for a while… and then we kind of neglected it and it totally died. In June life got busy, we had some lawn woes, and it was 100 degrees on the daily. And to be honest, we just wanted to be lazy most of the time instead of tend to our garden.
It’s a complete jungle now! No tomatoes, no peppers – just small remnants of herbs and really tall weeds. I think the downfall was actually a combo of neglect and outrageously hot temperatures. I will say that when we were tending to the garden, we produced some pretty delicious tomatoes and peppers. We also have lots of garden herbs frozen in ice cubes in our freezer.garden 2(Ray standing in our raised bed that’s mostly full of weeds)
garden(Even among the weeds, our rosemary is still going strong)garden 3 We’re thinking about a fall/winter garden, but that can be kind of tricky in Florida. It’s not unusual to have 90 degree weather in October, but it’s also not unusual to have 40 degree weather in October. If we start this month, I think we can do another round of tomatoes, carrots, onions, and garlic.
How did your garden do? We seem to do better with inside plants, but we’re going to keep trying!

Lawn Woes

IMG_0591Guys, I just have to share/vent/rant/cry for a moment about lawn maintenance. Our lawn is a straight up meadow in the front. Our hedges are out of control. We have a jungle patch in our back yard. For some reason, it’s 100% impossible for us to find a dependable yard guy that isn’t going to charge us $150 to mow our grass and trim our hedges.
Whew, let’s start from the beginning. You may be asking “Why do you need a yard person, anyway?! Cut your own grass!” For the first year we owned Big Brown, Ray cut our grass. Unfortunately, our lawn mower broke, we paid to have it fixed, and then it broke again. We borrowed my dad’s lawn mower and it was stolen, along with our broken one, out of our shed the next day. We were really REALLY poor at the time and replacing my dad’s lawn mower was a stretch. We certainly couldn’t afford to replace ours that didn’t work anyway.
Last summer, after going through several lawn guys, we finally found someone who did a not-so-great job, but showed up regularly so we kept him. He quit yard work in the fall.
We knew we would have to hire someone again for this year, because after Ray’s surgeries and him being sick for so long it wasn’t the best idea for him to do yard work. This summer we’ve gone through a couple of people. One who we paid to mow our grass and trim the hedges and then he never trimmed the hedges. One who made promises to mow and then 32948203984 excuses not to. One who said he got stung by a bee, so he went home. One who quoted us $100 for the yard and then a week later quoted us $200. Hello? Our yard isn’t THAT big. We had another guy who mowed once, and now his mower has been broken for a month.IMG_0592 Why is it so difficult to find a reasonably priced lawn guy who is consistent and does a good job? Over the last few years, we’ve received several letters from the city telling us we have to cut our grass or we’ll be charged $200 a day. They claim our grass is in violation of a city ordinance… which, I mean, it probably is. Guys, I’m over it!! Can we just replace all our grass with rocks or mulch? ­čśë
If you’re local and have a great lawn guy please send him my way!

While I absolutely did not write this blog post to coax someone into mowing our grass for us, our good friend Jonny was taking care of our yard before we came home from work. How sweet is that? We really have some great friends. We also were given several names and numbers of reputable yard guys. Thanks, guys! 

Backyard Plans

yard 1yard 3A┬ácouple of months ago I posted about out backyard being a jungle. While it still seems like a daunting task, we’re in the process of making it pretty! We have big dreams including a┬ávegetable┬ágarden (which we started about a month ago), hanging our hammock, planting some flowers, improving our soil, etc.yard 2We know it’ll be a lot of work, but we’re really looking forward to eating produce and herbs we’ve grown ourselves. We’re also excited about spending time and maybe having a few parties in our backyard this summer.┬áBar-b-que anyone?yard 4I’ve been bringing home tons of library books about gardening and Ray is a research mad-man. We have so many plans and ideas and I can’t wait to implement them!

Big Brown Jungle Town

done 1Guys, last summer someone stole our lawn mower (which was broken) and my dad’s lawn mower (which we were borrowing because ours was broken) right from our yard. After that, our yard just kind of fell apart. It’s slightly jungle-like in a few spots. We live on a corner lot and have an average sized yard, but when I think about fixing it up it feels more like 10 acres. Haha.done 3

My dream is to one day have a vegetable garden and flowers planted along our front walkway. It seems like a super daunting task, as I have zero experience with gardening… but, I mean, I’ll at least try. Even though everything is overgrown, our plants are still really pretty in the afternoon sunlight, don’t you think? =)