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10 Ways to Beat a Summer Cold

5You may have noticed a lull in blogging over here during the beginning of August. I caught the dreaded summer cold. I was stuffy all day and night. My throat was on fire. I felt like I had been punched in the face. I was burning up and freezing all at the same time. Guys, it was a doozy!
I don’t like to take a lot of cold medicine because it raises my blood pressure and makes me feel like I’m having a heart attack. However, I’m not exactly well versed in homeopathic cold and flu care. I looked online (and used some common sense) and found a few methods that seemed easy enough. Here’s what works best for me:231 1. Lots of sleep – This is a no brainer. I feel my best when I get 7-9 hours of sleep. When I have a cold I need a solid 10 hours to really feel rested.
2. Epsom Salt Baths – I love to take epsom salt baths regardless of being sick or not. Epsom salt is soothing, detoxifying, and works wonders on body aches. I have fibromyalgia and have had chronic body aches since I was 17. Epsom salt baths have been one of my best survival methods!
3. Apple cider vinegar + honey + lemon juice – This summer is the first time I’ve tried using ACV for a cold. Warning – The apple cider vinegar can be way overpowering. I suggest a tablespoon each of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and honey mixed with water and a splash of orange juice.
4. Emergen-c – I love to mix emergen-c with orange juice and a splash of sprite. Vitamin C cocktail, if you will.
5. Lots of water – Because who wants to feel dehydrated on top of having a cold? NOT ME!!
6. Soup – I’m a big fan of soup anytime of the year, sick or not, but it’s especially soothing when you’re under the weather. Chicken noodle is the go-to for fighting a cold, but I also like to eat creamy soups to sooth my throat. Cheesy vegetable chowder is my new favorite and it’s so easy to make! My recipe is similar to this one.
7. Fisherman’s friend – Let me tell you, these lozenges are intense. I’ve never used cough drops that worked so well, or tastes so horrible. If they stop my cough, I’m more than willing to deal with the yucky taste in my mouth.
8. Lavender essential oil – On the real, I hate the smell of lavender. It’s too spicy for my nose and reminds me of bug spray. Despite my hating, in my time of need lavender is always there. I like to put it in my epsom salt bath and rub it on my throat.  I use Young Living essential oils because I know they’re safe, natural, and organic.
9. Rose salve – I use it daily for my cuticles, but when I’m sick I also use it for my lips and around my nostrils. It’s the best and it smells soooo good.
10. Nose spray – This doesn’t really stick with the “natural” theme of this post, but Vick’s nosespray really saved my life.

These are the methods that work best for me when fighting a summer old. What works best for you?