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Youtube Faves

downtown lc 4About a year and a half ago I blogged about a few of my favorite YouTube channels, and I wanted to give you an update on who I’m loving now (and who you should love).

1. Crash Course- John Green is a huge deal right now with his best-selling book turned movie, The Fault in Our Stars. Did you know he started on YouTube? Did you also know he’s the creator of Vid Con, a conference specifically focused on online video? His youtube channel, Crash Course, provides short “crash courses” on history, literature, chemistry, etc. John specifically teaches on the history courses.
2. Two Years Eight Months– I love this lifestyle channel because it’s made by sisters who are best friends. Michelle and Aline are friendly, charming and informative in their videos. They make me want to make videos with my sister!
3. A Fab Life– Leah and Mary, stars of A Fab Life, are superstars at diy, decorating, hosting and most things fabulous.
4. Cute Polish– As all of you know, I’m slightly obsessed with all things nails. This channel is souly devoted to nail art and I can’t get enough of it.
5. Nikki Phillippi– Nikki Phillippi was one of the first people I ever started following on youtube. I found her several years ago when I was looking for a video on vitamin c. Random, right? She focuses on lifestyle and beauty. I also really love her vlog channel.
6. Miranda Sings– I don’t typically utilize youtube to watch comedy videos. You know, those cat videos or fall down videos the over 50 crowd likes to post on facebook? I’m not into it. I AM into the character Miranda Sings. Ray is not a fan, but I think this is one of the funniest characters out there right now.

Who do you love? Give me all your videos.

Megacon Vlog!

photo (7)A week and  a half ago Ray and I, along with several friends/creatives we’re working on some projects with, went to Megacon in Orlando! It was such a great weekend! We were able to  meet and brainstorm with our team, attend several informative panels, listen to the legendary Stan Lee speak (Ray’s fave) and observed many MANY cosplayers (my fave). Check out our vlog for all the fun!

Valentine’s / Olustee Weekend

olusteeRay and I had a really good Valentine’s / Olustee Festival weekend. To be honest, the majority of our weekends are made up of sleeping late, staying in pajamas, dishes laundry and maybe a little podcasting. Not so exciting, huh? We knew this weekend would be a little more interesting so we took the opportunity to vlog again!
So, why don’t you take a peek!

Guys, it was SOOO difficult to get this video uploaded to youtube. We’re still youtube beginners and in the process of figuring everything out. So, I apologize for this video being being about a week late.

youtube obsession

Guys, you may or may not know this, but I’m kind of obsessed with youtube. And by “kind of obsessed” I actually mean super obsessed. Like most people, I use youtube for various tutorials (photoshop tutorials, repairs) and silly videos (one of my faves). BUT, there is even so much more you can find on there!
Here are some of my favorites!

1. Missglamorazzi – This is my favorite beauty channel. Ingrid is really cute and has professional, high quality videos. You can see makeup/nail tutorials, getting ready videos, favorites, etc. Her vlog channel, thegridmonster, is also one of my favorites.
2. Fact of the Day  – Random facts each day by various youtubers.
3. Organizedlikejen – I’m not organized. Ray isn’t organized. We need help. Jen, from organizedlikejen, has really great ideas and tips for organizing and cleaning.
4. ByronTalbott – Easy, and yet kind of fancy recipes and food how-to videos.
5. The Alison Show – DIY and crafting tips for everyone!
6. Lennon and Maisy – these girls are youtube sensations and you may have even see them around on network tv. They’re just too cute.

What are some of your favorite youtube channels? I would LOVE to discover some new ones!