This (c)Old House

IMG_6409Guys, it’s COLD! What are two Floridians supposed to do in a 90 year old house with temperatures in the 20s?! Cuddle up, that’s what! We’re coming upon our third anniversary of owning Big Brown and I feel like we’re still learning it’s quirks. Big Brown had, at one point, 2 fire places. Sadly, they were both closed up long before we purchased the house. We’ve learned that once the temps are in the 30s our central heat can’t really keep up.¬†We’ve learned that keeping a radiator on in our bedroom, as opposed to a space heater, works better for us. We’ve learned that my tiny studio upstairs is the warmest room in the house. We’ve learned that slippers (slippys, for you Parks and Rec fans) are essential.
Yesterday we had a frozen pipe scare, but thankfully everything turned out ok. Oh, the joys of home ownership.

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