Thoughts on Pinterest

I know, I know, EVERYONE is obsessed with pinterest. I know it’s amazing and incredible and don’t get me wrong because I think IT’S BRILLIANT. But, lately I’ve been a tiny bit grumpy about it.  Let me explain why:
1. I like using pinterest as a digital, visual remember-all type of thing. I like seeing things on blogs, etsy and other world wide web type places and pinning them to pinterest in hopes of never forgetting them. But, I do not like spending hours and hours just browsing through other’s pins. It’s like a vortex of cupcake recipes and tu-tu tutorials that you can almost never get out of.
2. I cringe when people say “I got the recipe/idea from pinterest.” I know I’m being a little nit-picky, but pinterest isn’t a recipe, craft or home decor website. There is a hardworking photographer/blogger/artist/crafter out there that spent time brainstorming, painting, cooking and creating. Where does creative licensing come in? And what about when the original source is nowhere to be found? Also, It  hurts my soul a little bit to see someone blatantly copy something they came across on pinterest and try to pawn it off as if it were there own design or idea. Or even worse, try to make money off of it. On the flip side, I can definitely see the other side of the argument. I see how pinterest can help get the creative juices flowing. I understand how pinterest can help you discover new creative content. Soooo… IDK. I feel conflicted about it.
3. Broken links (which might just be a direct result of chronic repinning) or links that just take you to a tumblr sign in page. Whew. Enough about that.

So, love it or hate it, I know pinterest can be a very valuable tool for any artist/blogger/photographer/teacher. I don’t want to come off as overly negative because, like I said before, I love the website and think it’s brilliant. So, here’s what I’m going  to do to make my (and maybe your) experience better::
1. Reorganize my boards. I’ve had a pinterest account since January 2011. In January of 2011 I was a crazy person who just bought a house and was about to get married. In the beginning there was no method to the madness and there still isn’t.
2. Delete pins with broken links and only pin photos with actual links. There is nothing more frustrating than finding something incredible and the link taking you to nowheresville or a random tumblr with deleted images.
3. Renaming some boards. A lot of times things sound awesome in my brain but make absolutely no sense to anyone else in the world.

What are your thoughts? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Am I the only person annoyed by the vast amount of broken links?! Let me know. I want to talk about it so we can maybe make it better.

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