Top 5 Tuesday

You know bedrooms in tv shows and movies are always amazingly styled, clean-ish, and have just the right amount of quirk? Why can’t my bedroom ever look like that?! Well, I guess it’s because I actually live in my bedroom and it isn’t a set made beautiful by a stylist.
Without further ado…
My top 5 fictional bedrooms
5. Arnold’s bedroom in Hey Arnold – With that window ceiling and groovy carpet, what more could you ask for?bedroom 1 4. Jess’ bedroom in New Girl – This is probably the most realistic and adult bedroom in the list. I love the colors and exposed brick.bedroom 2 3. DJ and Stephanie Tanner’s bedroom in Full House – The bedroom went through a few changes as the girl’s got older, but is my favorite version. Guys, I can’t even tell you how bad I wanted this room when I was a kid.bedroom 3 2. Clarissa’s bedroom in Clarissa Explains It All – Unfortunately, the photo below doesn’t show the alligator sand pit or the license plate collection. bedroom 4 1. Cher’s bedroom in Clueless – The pink satin, the gigantic headboard, the closet… bedroom cherbedroom 5

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday

  1. Danielle S

    I really love Jess’s room in New Girl. It’s so perfect. The Full House one brought back so many memories. I think my sister and I tried to arrange our beds like that once.


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