Why I love Murder, She Wrote…

Thanks to netflix instant I recently discovered Murder, She Wrote. I know, I know. You’re all embarrassed for me, but I can’t help it. Somehow, growing up, I was able to totally avoid the show entirely. I mean, it started before I was born but it did run for 12 seasons so I feel like I should have at least caught it once or twice. Anyway, it’s completely ridiculous and I love it. I mean, look at the picture. Classic.

Reason why I love Murder She Wrote:

1. Jessica Fletcher jogs in EVERY episode. Even when she’s on a 2 week cruise. Even when she’s confined on a bus en route  to NYC.

2. Jessica Fletcher is the old-lady version of Nancy Drew… and we all know how much I love Nancy Drew.

3. When Jessica Fletcher is in disguise or pretending to be someone else, the only thing she does is put on a hat. Jessica pretending to be drunk – fedora. Jessica pretending to be rich – turban.

4. Jessica Fletcher has 348573489573 nieces and nephews.

5. “Tonight on Murder, She Wrote…”

Please tell me your favorite embarrassing tv show/movie to make me feel less like a big lame-o. 😉

4 thoughts on “Why I love Murder, She Wrote…

  1. K Aughtry

    Girl, Murder She Wrote was a MAJOR part of my childhood, but a major part of my adulthood? That’d be a toss up between The Andy Griffith Show and The Waltons.

  2. Megan Lee

    oh wow, I didn’t know you loved Nancy Drew too! That’s awesome. They were my favorite growing up, even the newer ones that were set in like the 80’s haha.

  3. april

    Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. If I find it on TV, I must watch it. The whole time, I know it’s so bad, but I can’t help myself. Orphaned children adopted;Native Americans; the Old West. I just can’t say no.


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