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Guys, you may or may not know this, but I’m kind of obsessed with youtube. And by “kind of obsessed” I actually mean super obsessed. Like most people, I use youtube for various tutorials (photoshop tutorials, repairs) and silly videos (one of my faves). BUT, there is even so much more you can find on there!
Here are some of my favorites!

1. Missglamorazzi – This is my favorite beauty channel. Ingrid is really cute and has professional, high quality videos. You can see makeup/nail tutorials, getting ready videos, favorites, etc. Her vlog channel, thegridmonster, is also one of my favorites.
2. Fact of the Day  – Random facts each day by various youtubers.
3. Organizedlikejen – I’m not organized. Ray isn’t organized. We need help. Jen, from organizedlikejen, has really great ideas and tips for organizing and cleaning.
4. ByronTalbott – Easy, and yet kind of fancy recipes and food how-to videos.
5. The Alison Show – DIY and crafting tips for everyone!
6. Lennon and Maisy – these girls are youtube sensations and you may have even see them around on network tv. They’re just too cute.

What are some of your favorite youtube channels? I would LOVE to discover some new ones!

3 thoughts on “youtube obsession

  1. Molly

    I am Youtube obsessed too! (I feel like our pre-k bond is still so strong, right??) I like Ingrid’s videos a lot, even though her and Luke are a little over the top. Some of my other favorite beauty vloggers are kandeejohnson, makeupgeektv, leighannsays, emilynoel83, and makeupbytiffanyd. I also really like watching daymdrops fast food reviews a little too much. I will have to subscribe to that organization channel….and then proceed to watch all the videos and cry over my own cluttered life.

    1. allison Post author

      I also really like leighannsays, emilynoel83, and makeupbytiffanyd! Kandeejohnson is a little too much for me to deal with… but sometimes I still watch her videos.
      Also, our pre-k bond is stong like no other.


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