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My sister is moving to Africa

My sister, Brie, will soon be moving to Africa. I have super mixed emotions about it because I’m SO excited for her but I also might cry everyday because she’ll be so far away. I wanted her to a write a little something on this blog so you guys could be thinking about and praying for her while she’s traveling and once she gets there. So, here she is…

Guys, I’m moving to Kenya in two weeks! Does that make me a crazy person? Probably. I’m not really packed at all (except I have been washing ALL of my clothes tonight… and it’s been treacherous), I don’t have all the money I need, and I don’t even know exactly what I’m going to be doing there, but I’m so excited! I’ve felt God calling me to international missions for a long time, and now He’s opened the doors to Nakuru, Kenya and is clearly leading me there to share the Gospel and love my far-away neighbors. I’m moving to Nakuru with a sweet family (read about them here), and we will be working with His Cherished Ones International. AKA I basically get to play with babies all the time. Holla! But my main focus will be serving the family so they can be more effective in their ministries… so like maybe cooking (they don’t really have cheese and their milk is boxed and mostly comes in flavors like cotton candy and banana… what’s a girl to do?) and maybe like doing laundry. But most importantly, this means I get to wear leggings and a top knot all day every day, my dream come true! 😉 Please keep me in your prayers as I pack all my stuff at the last minute, say goodbye to the people I love most, make the 27-hour journey to Kenya, and get used to living in a very different culture. More specifically, please pray for smooth adjustments to the Kenyan culture, living with a family and in a home that is not my own, and dealing with discomforts and changes in general. I mean, boxed bubblegum-flavored milk and only spray-on deodorant… come on.

Tropical Storm Debby

I used to love thunder storms, tropical storms and even minor hurricanes. As long as the power didn’t go out it was great. School would be cancelled and we got to hang around the house and watch movies all day. The only drawback was my dad making me and Brie go in the yard a pick up sticks after a big storm, which we thought was torture.

In Florida, these storms are just a way of life. Just something that happens year after year. This year seems to be particularly bad for North Florida. Tropical storm Debby has basically flooded all of my hometown and the surrounding areas. During the last tropical storm, Big Brown experienced some damage (thanks, rude tree), which in turn caused us to have lots of leaky roof issues during the last few days. I’m talking like buckets full of water filling up in our house. However, our damage is NOTHING compared to what some people are dealing with. About 100 roads are closed/washed out, houses are underwater, cars are being washed away, massive trees are down, the weather channel even visited little Live Oak, FL to report on the massive amounts of standing water. Ray and some other guys from our church went out yesterday to help remove water, dig trenches (ditches?), rescue people off their roof, etc.  After I got off, Ray and I tried to go out and assess some of the damage around town… but we honestly couldn’t get very far due to so many road closures.

Despite all the heartache these storms have caused so many people around here, it’s really good to see people loving and helping other people. It’s incredibly encouraging to see the gospel being played out so clearly.

Weird Sh*t My Husband Owns: Vol. 2

Allison’s take:  Where to start? Well, it’s giant, heavy, velvet and medieval. Did I mention it’s ridiculous and not exactly my aesthetic? Ray bought this while we were dating and at the time I thought it was kind of funny hanging on the wall in his tiny apartment. It’s a little (a lot) less funny now that it’s in our house. Also, we don’t even live in a castle…

Ray’s take: Oh wow! This gem. Ok, the story… I went to an auction with Dale Tompkins which was kind of a bust, but on the way home we found a yard sale. I noticed this right off and Dale said I should buy it (side note: I think sometimes Dale says stuff like this to be silly or as a joke, but of course I took it to heart and realized I needed to own it). I went over and saw that it was the one thing at the yard sale that had no price on it. When everything has a price except one item I kind of always assume it’s expensive. I mean lets be real, who would ever want to part with something so magnificent?! It’s solid wood so its really heavy and hand carved! Also, it has red velvet on it!!! I then went on and found a few more treasures at the sale.  I asked how much they were asking for the glorious lion piece and they told me since I was already purchasing other items they would sell it to me for $15. A man cannot turn down a hand-carved, solid wood coat of arms WITH weapons for $15. So, that was the day the Lion with crossing swords on a red velvet field became the Hancock Crest.

summer movies

Well, it’s officially summer which means hiding inside with the AC on (I mean, I do live in Florida), swimming in the springs, iced coffee and movie nights! Here are my top ten favorite summertime movies!

10. Wet Hot American Summer – Dirty, ridiculous summer camp. Also, Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd pre Parks and Rec.
9. The Baby Sitters Club – An obvious choice for anyone who read the series OR spent majority of their summers babysitting.
8. It Takes Two – Yall, I will always love a Mary-Kate and Ashley movie… especially if it’s dealing with mistaken identity.
7. Troop Beverly Hills – Beverly Hills, what a thrill.
6. Jaws – Classic. Self explanatory.
5. Hook – Part of this movie actually takes place in London in the winter… but I don’t care. Neverland is a summer-y place and I love it.
4. Jurassic Park – Another summer classic. Can we take a moment and talk about how amazing the special effects were in this film? It’s seriously ahead of it’s time.
3. Little Darlings – Another summer camp movie. I’m not sure how well-known this one is, but it’s a must-see for any girl.
2. Now and Then – This was actually my favorite movie for many years.
1. The Parent Trap (original) – Let’s get together, yeah yeah yeah!

Runners up: Camp Nowhere, The Parent Trap (starring Lo-ho), Gidget

Band of the moment : Delta Rae

I’m one of those people who can totally listen to the same song for days, weeks, months… But, so far, I’ve only been listening to this band for 3 days. And counting.
So, here is my current favorite song by The Delta Rae… besides Call Me Maybe, of course.

My favorite part is the surprise step team! My least favorite part is their terrifying masks.