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Happy Birthday Jenna!

Happy Birthday to Jenna, one of my favorite humans on the planet!

I met Jenna in 2009 at camp. We spent the summer searching for bobby pins, trying not to die during paper party (the worst kind of party), making fun of the staff dance, getting sun burnt, and most importantly talking to students and site babies about Jesus. Jenna is one of the most genuine, loving, sincere, thoughtful people I’ve ever met. I sure hope you all have the opportunity to meet her. Photo by Augustine Grace Photography

Love, Florida – Aunt Aggie’s Bone Garden

Whew, it’s been a while since I posted a Love, Florida blog and this one shouldn’t disappoint. Today I’m featuring Aunt Aggie’s Bone Garden. I first learned about the bone garden several years ago as it was located in Lake City (and possibly a few block from my house). Unfortunately, you can no longer visit as it was only in operation between 1900 and 1918.

From what I’ve gathered, Aunt Aggie Jones was a former slave from around the area. She created her bone yard around the turn of the century and it became somewhat of a tourist attraction for North Florida. The garden was made by hangings and statues of sun bleached animal bones. Where she got all of these bone, I surely don’t want to know. Aunt Aggie didn’t charge admission, but she did have produce and flowers for sale. Pretty incredible isn’t it? Also, maybe slightly creepy as well.
Fun fact #1: My friend Megan wrote a song about Aunt Aggie’s Bone Garden.
Fun Fact #2: There was another former slave that opened a bone yard around the same time just one tiny town over. I wonder if these two ladies were friends.

All images are taken from the Florida Memory website. If you’re into Florida history, old photography, etc. this is really cool site for you to check out!

Nailed It!

Aw, shucks Charlie Brown nails! These nails are super exciting for me because I love The Peanuts. I actually didn’t do the best job applying the yellow, but I think you get the idea. =)
 I used:
Salley Hansen Insta-dry in lightening
Wet and Wild Fastdry in Ebony Hates Chris
zigzag nail stickers 

Any black polish will work, but I specifically used this Sally Hansen yellow because it’s really opaque and thick so there was no chance of black showing through. I used nail stickers, but you could get the same effect by using pinking shears and scotch tape. OR you could also probably use a black nail pen on top of the yellow.

90s jams

A few weeks ago Ray watched a Pearl Jam and a Nirvana documentary which inevitably lead us to spend hours upon hours looking up and listening to our favorite 90s jams. I think it was around 1996 when I realize I could watch music videos on mtv (when they still played them) and it literally changed everything I knew about music. And, I mean, before then I listen to oldies (which I actually loved) when my dad was driving, Disney radio when my mom was driving, and kids choir songs at church. So, you can see why 90’s rock was  incredible for me.

We have a pretty extensive playlist on spotify, but these are some of our faves we’ve been listening to.

Date day

So, I took this past Friday off. I’m going to be honest, I work with a lot of ladies and I really just needed a break. Also, I had a personal day I had to use before the end of September. Win win! Ray planned a date day that began at 6am with him waking me up with hot donuts from my favorite local shop. It was really sweet, but a little early so we went back to sleep (thank goodness). After a few more hours of beauty rest, we left for Gainesville to see Moonrise Kingdom! Yes, I had already seen it but Ray hadn’t and I was more than willing to view it again. I think I enjoyed it even more the second time.

After the movie we wanted to go to Target but it was SUPER busy with all the college students buying dorm sheets and desk lamps so we decided to skip it and headed straight to Sam’s. Did I mention we’re 65? We also visited a fairly lame music store and grabbed dinner at Chipotle. All in all, it was a pretty successful date day.