Monthly Archives: September 2012

Nailed It!

Confession: I love Harry Potter. Now, I know that’s not too embarrassing… but I’m 26 and I have a pottermore account. Like, I’ve had one for almost a year, since it was still in beta. I actually have hardly spent any time on the site, BUT I did get sorted into a house. AND… I was put in Slytherin. Of course. Anyway, here is my first installment of Harry Potter themed nails!For these nails I used Maybelline Color Show polish in Tenacious Teal and Essie’s No Place Like Chrome.

Happy Birthday Brie!

Guys, my sister is 22 today. 22!! I remember sitting in a waiting room watching Sleeping Beauty waiting on her to be born. She’s my best friend and one of the funniest people you will ever meet in your entire life.

Brie (or Senorita or Brita or Rita or RRRRIIIIIITTTTTTTTAAAAAAAA) currently lives in Nakuru, Kenya working for His Cherished Ones International. So, I mean, she’s basically just playing with way cute babes in the Af all day.

I love my Rita sooooooooooooooooooooo much. Go tell her Happy Birthday on her
facebook. Or her twitter. Or her blog (which she will hopefully update soon.)

Nailed It!

Pink girly summer nails! I think these nails are so pretty and super easy. Summer is coming to an end and darker cooler polish collections are starting to come out. While I love dark colors and wear them more often than not, I’m in love with this pink-coral color. 

Happy Weekend

You know, just 2 years worth of Alliray disguise pictures found on Ray’s iphone. Pretty exciting huh?  I hope you all have a great weekend.
1. Ray as Ironman
2. Me as Ironlady
3. Ray as a fancyass
4. Me as a fancyass
5. Ray as Groucho Marx
6. Me as Groucho Marxette
7. Ray as a dirty bane
8. Ray as a scary bird
9. Me as captain America
10. Me as an AZN
11. Ray as a metro-sexual Christian rock star (my fave!)
12. Ray as a dad from 1982. Or a welder.
13. Ray as a mariachi band member
14. Ray as a  Mexican
15. Ray as a middle-aged lady with a head ache
16.  Me as a reindeer

I plan on being lazy, petting rude cats, painting my nails, watching My Name is Earl and hanging out with the hubs.