Monthly Archives: December 2012

Snow Day and Christmas Parade

I live in a a relatively small town in North Florida, thus we don’t get to experience a lot of snow. In fact, the last time I remember it snowing here was on Christmas Eve in 1989. I was 4 years old and it was awesome. Since snow is one of those every-20-years kind of phenomenons, my town has started having a yearly event called called “Snow Day.” Basically a truck arrives early in the morning and dumps a couple piles of “snow” at our downtown park. Snow (melty-ice) piles, snow slides, bounce houses, food vendors, and Santa Claus are all included in Snow Day, which took place last weekend. It was a great time, actually. Ray helped run sound for the event and I volunteered with the bounce houses.IMG_4934 - 1

Following Snow Day, was our annual Downtown Christmas Parade (my most favorite)! I love all the lights, marching bands, and terrible tacky floats. There is just something magical about Christmas in a small town.
IMG_4945 - 1 IMG_4961 -1IMG_5046 - 1 IMG_5042 - 1Also, I couldn’t resist posting this ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE picture of Annabelle. Isn’t she the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?!

Nailed It!

Even though I live in Florida and it’s around 75 degrees, I thought these snowflake nails would be appropriate. Aren’t they fun?! Please excuse my painted cuticle. FYI, painting snowflakes on your own nails is WAY harder than it looks. I had to watch 2 youtube tutorials and I’m still not completely pleased with them. Maybe next time I’ll practice on Ray’s nails before I do mine. 😉

Allison’s November Favorites

1. Urban Decay Naked 2 eye shadow palette. I just want to tell every girl I know to go and buy this. This palette is just so incredibly perfect and, dare I say, even better than the original.
2. Sinex by Vicks. Ray and I both got really sick towards the end of November and I don’t think we would have survived without nose spray.
3. Going Incognito by Essie, the perfect dark green without being hunter green.
4. Thomas honey Lip balm. We recently discovered that a local honey company in Lake City  makes lip balm! 3 ingredients and the opportunity to support a local business, yes please! You can purchase your own Thomas Honey products here.
5. Clementines!! They are easier to peel than oranges and they have zero seeds. They kind of taste like candy with the added benifits of vitamin c.
6. My vintage locket. I bought this several years ago, but have really been loving it this past month.

7. Jericho.  We watched the entire series during November! I know it seems out of character for me, but I REALLY loved it.
8. Sick leave. I think that’s kind of self-explanatory. =)

What were your favorites from November?