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Ray’s Record Review – Exile on Main Street

Exile Front Guys, Exile on Main Street. Am I right? I know this says Ray’s Record Review, but for a minute can we let it be Ray’s Record Rant? Cause let’s be honest, what else new do I have to say about this album? Its all been said.  Ok… so here we go!

Exile on Main Street, I remember hearing that it was one of the ultimate Rock and Roll albums ever. So, one day I got brave and went to the store to purchase the CD. I Opened the CD so carefully, yet with so much anticipation, put it in my CD player and basked in all of it’s Rock and Roll Majesty. That was the day of my Rock and Roll transfiguration! I knew and understood everything Rock and Roll… That is what I would like to tell you, unfortunately my story doesn’t go that way. I actually didn’t dig it. It was kind of let down… this wasn’t what I thought the pinnacle of Rock and Roll should be. I didn’t go back to the CD for a few months, but ultimately decided to try and bask in its glory again. Again, I just didn’t get it. Another two or three months went by… and maybe the stars had aligned in some way, or maybe I had been exposed to something else that helped me understand it, but that third time was definitely the charm for me. That day I finally got it. This was Rock and Roll.
That’s my story about buying the CD… quite a milestone, but this isn’t Ray’s CD Review/Rant.

I found this copy of the record several months into collecting records. And since it had slowly but steadily become one of my all time favorite albums, I had my eyes out for it.This particular copy I found on a brisk autumn morning at a flea market in Lake Park while on a yard sale/flea market excursion with my dad. Up until this point I had not spent over $2 on any record. You can come across some real gems at flea markets and yard sales for less that $2. On this particular day though I found a record that I had to have. This was the first copy of Exile I had ever actually seen on vinyl, and I needed it! So much so, that I was willing to pay the steep price the man was asking at the flea market. So I shelled out my $8, and history was made!

Since then, I have had many other memories made with this album. One more story. When I was on tour, we would usually stay up pretty late, get up pretty late, then drive and play shows late. every so often we would have a day where we had to drive much further, or had a strange day time concert, and we would have to wake up early… these were the worst days. But to make them better Justin Dansby (the drummer in the band I was playing in at the time) and I would wake up and blast Rocks Off (the first song on the album) it would get us going in a good way on those early mornings, and put us in such a good mood!

Since I haven’t talked much about the album itself. It is one of my Favorite Rolling Stones albums! It is a double vinyl! I Believe this album only had two “Hit” songs on it, Tumbling Dice (track 5) and Happy (track 10).

My stand out tracks/ Personal Favs (keep in mind, I Love all of them!)
1st Track – Rocks Off
2nd Track – Rip This Joint (seriously such a party)
6th Track – Sweet Virginia
12th Track – Ventilator Blues
17th Track – Shine a Light (we left for our honeymoon to this song!)
18th Track – Soul Survivor

I know, I know, this was the longest post ever on here…. I am long winded… but that was Ray’s Record Review #1.Have you ever listened to this album? If not check it out, if so, what is your favorite track!

Back Cover
Exile back Middle Fold Out
Exile insideVinyl Inserts exile3Thanks for putting up with my rant guys! If you haven’t listened to Exile on Main Street, the best way is on vinyl, but if you don’t have a record player, just listen to it! its a great album!


mega11As some of you may know, we went to Megacon in Orlando last weekend! Megacon is a crazy mixture of comicbook fans, sci-fi writers, artists, anima creatures, gamers, cos-players, etc. We are both involved in a project that includes several of these elements (weird, I know).  We spent majority of our time in panels learning the ins and out of indie comics, comic writing, character development, kickstarter, etc.mega8 One of our favorite parts of the conference was seeing all the cos-players. Any fictional character you can think of was there. Spider-man, batman, aquaman, sexy elves, dark elves, unknown creatures, terrifying silent hill nurses, Belle from Beauty and the Beast, box heads, etc. Here are a few of our favorites…mega7mega1mega2mega4mega3mega9mega6mega5mega10Aren’t they so fun?!