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Backyard Plans

yard 1yard 3A couple of months ago I posted about out backyard being a jungle. While it still seems like a daunting task, we’re in the process of making it pretty! We have big dreams including a vegetable garden (which we started about a month ago), hanging our hammock, planting some flowers, improving our soil, etc.yard 2We know it’ll be a lot of work, but we’re really looking forward to eating produce and herbs we’ve grown ourselves. We’re also excited about spending time and maybe having a few parties in our backyard this summer. Bar-b-que anyone?yard 4I’ve been bringing home tons of library books about gardening and Ray is a research mad-man. We have so many plans and ideas and I can’t wait to implement them!


Daily life with Alliray via iphone (80)photo (81)

We’re still recovering from our Disney trip last weekend.
I finally started using my frech press.
Ray looks the cutest when wearing a bandana.
Our plants are starting to grow!
Black Cat sits like a person and it’s my favorite thing ever!

The Most Magical Anniversary Vacation

photo (75)photo (73)Ray and I had such a wonderful time this past weekend in Disney World celebrating our 2nd anniversary! Ray completely surprised me with the trip. He had been saving up for a while and I had absolutely no idea! We spent Friday at the Magic Kingdom, Saturday at Epcot and Sunday at Hollywood Studios. photo (76)photo (74)photo (77)The weather was really nice and I think the longest line we waited in was for Thunder Mountain and it was still only around 30ish minutes. Our favorite park is definitely Epcot. We ate in Morocco for lunch (which I didn’t love) and Germany for dinner (which I did love).
I’m so thankful for my husband and really loved spending the weekend having a blast with him. photo (78)