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A few things I thought I would never love…

downtown lc 3 You know those things that you dislike so much you vow to never ever like them for the rest of your life? Well, I have lots of  those things (because I’m a negative nancy). But you know what… sometimes I’m just wrong. Sometimes those things I dislike so much can actually be awesome. Here are just a few:

Gatorade. When I was young I was on the swim team and my coaches would always suggest we have sports drinks during practices. I don’t know what it was, but I ALWAYS hated sports drinks. They just tasted salty to me and I’m just not ok with a salty beverage. Several months ago I had a terrible stomach bug and Ray bought me a couple flavors of a Gatorade so I wouldn’t pass out from dehydration. Gatorade was the only thing that kept me going and I started to accept it as a possible beverage for my life. The flavors I like are Ice Blue and Frost.

T-Swift. Man, I was super Anti-Taylor Swift. That airy-breathy voice just isn’t my thing. And long crinkled blonde hair? Nooooo. Well, I’ve recently been eating my words because her new album is SOOO catchy. Like, it’s my jam.

Leggings. If you go find my myspace page and you look through my blogs archives (kudos!) circa 2006, you can probably find me hating on leggings. Guys, what was wrong with me?! Leggings are awesome!

Sci-fi. I was never a sci-fi fan growing up because I thought it was weird and scary. When Ray and I got together he (somehow) convinced me to watch Firefly and I loved it! Then he convinced me to watch Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, etc. I’m still refusing to watch Farscape (hello, creatures) but I’m definitely more open to the genre.

What are some of those things in your life? I wanna know!

Studio Re-do

studioSince we bought our house two years ago, the upstairs room designated for my studio has a been a catch-all/storage cluttered mess. Art supplies, computer parts, books, trash, etc. Over the past few weeks we’ve found a couple of tables and a small book \shelf at yard sales/thrift stores for the room, which is awesome because there is now a place to put things other than the floor! studio 1studio 2 I’m super pleased with the results! The room isn’t completely finished, but it’s a nice start and I think I’ll be able to work well in it. I’m still wanting to add a desk top with huge monitors so I can also work on digital art in the studio. I will be posting more photos as things are added and changed. What do you think? =)

studio 5studio 4

Nailed It!

mem dayHappy Memorial Day everyone! My nails are so patriotic and I love it. I hope you’re all having a nice extended weekend!memorial day nailsThese photos were taken in the brightest (and hottest) part of the day so the colors look slightly off… but the blue is Sally Hansen’s Pacific Blue and it’s so beautiful. I’ve had it for years, and though the application isn’t awesome, the color makes up for it.

You Rock a lot of Polka Dots!

dotsI was putting some laundry away the other day and noticed that I do, in fact, rock a lot of polka dots. Possibly a ridiculous amount of polka dots. I even made Ray buy a polka dot tie the last time we were thrifting! Also, you guys know how I feel about polka dot nails…
When it comes to clothes, I tend to always have some type “uniform.” For instance, everyday to work I wear skinny jeans, some type of cotton shirt, a cardigan and moccasins or flats. All day, everyday. At my last job I wore a knee-length dress, cardigan and flats. I don’t like to change it up. Some people would call this a rut… I just call it being predictable.
I think I’m ok with this little obsession. =)