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Root Beer Review : The Pop Shoppe

pop shop 2Allison’s Review:
Creaminess – 3
I would say there was an average amount of creaminess to this one.
Carbonation – 2.5
It wasn’t bad, but I personally prefer more carbonation to my root beer.
Flavor – 2
This one seemed to be lacking on the root flavor. The sweetness level was great and I could even taste hints of caramel, but there was no real punch to it. The after taste wasn’t my favorite either. It had a chemical flavor and reminded me of how cleaning products smell. Gross, right?
Packaging – 4.5
I loved the packaging! Simple, cute and I was definitely drawn to it… However, I think spelling shop like “shoppe” is pretty pretentious.
Overall Experience – 2.5
I will probably not ever buy this again. That cleaning product flavor just turned me off. No Thanks!pop shop

Ray’s Review:
Creaminess – 2
It’s an ok creaminess. That’s not the thing I notice much about it.
Carbonation – 4
The carbonation is great. It doesn’t taste flat. It has the sharp fizz you want from a root beer
Flavor – 2
I don’t love the flavor at all. I prefer a creamy smooth root beer. This one has a sour tinge to it, that I’m not a fan of. The after taste of this one isn’t great either. Something I don’t remember ever having a problem with in a root beer before
Packaging – 3
The packaging is pretty good. You have a simple vintage inspiredglass bottle, which is cute and appealing. They have their little happy frothing mug on the front… It’s simple but pretty good.
Experience – 2.5
Overall I wasn’t impressed by this root beer. I don’t think I can say it’s the worst I’ve ever had. But it’s just not very good. If I was given the option I probably wouldn’t have this one again.

Happy Birthday Brie!!!

brie bdaybrie bday 3Today is my sister’s birthday! She is the most amazing hilarious person I know, and I’m not saying that just because she’s my sister. Brie lives so so SO far away and I miss her every single day. THANKFULLY, she will be home in a few week for the holidays! Woo hoo!brie bday 2

A few reasons why Brie is so cool…

1. She rocked full bangs WELL before Zooey Deschanel made it cool.
2. Her at-home bedroom is super weird and unique and eclectic.
3. She will skip Easter Sunday church with me to watch Mary Poppins two years in a row.
4. For a long time, and maybe still, her fave song was You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oats.
5. She’ll go to Harry Potter World with you one day after she’s traveled 20+ hours on a plane from Africa. I mean, that’s commitment.
6. She will completely understand you when you invent a mystery person named Marge from Minnesota.
7. She has smuggling skills and can easily bring 3 milkshakes into a movie theater in her purse without being caught.
8. She spent her 21st bday with me and Ray eating cake and sharing a Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Such a party animal, you guys.
9. The picture below exists…brie bday 4Go tell my beautiful, amazing, hilarious sister Happy birthday!!! Facebook. Twitter. Blog.

Feeling Saucy!

saucyI think everyone has that one food that they hate more than anything. For me, that used to be buffalo sauce. I just didn’t get it. I thought it was too messy to eat in company and the sauce was such an unnatural florescent orange that I thought it could potentially be poison. I wasn’t exactly a staple in the sports bar scene, so I could usually avoid the sauce. Then, I started hanging out and eating dinner with Ray Hancock, an avid buffalo fan. I would have tiny tastes of Ray’s meals and forever vowel to never eat another bite of buffalo chicken (over and over). I thought it was a lost cause.
One evening Ray invented Buffalo Chicken Rice (recipe coming soon!), and guess what… IT WAS DELICIOUS! A few months later, we came across a recipe for pulled buffalo chicken sandwiches, which I instantly fell in love with.

I don’t know if something clicked or my taste buds rapidly matured, but I’m pretty happy about it. Do you have any foods like that? Or am I just a crazy weirdo?