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IMG_6409My birthday was Tuesday. I’m now 28. 28 years young.
27 was really strange, but I think I say that every year.
I’m so thankful that my birthday is in the fall. Fall always feels so fresh and new to me. The air is crisp, the moon seems brighter and, in general, people seem to be in better spirits. I’m looking forward to this coming year.

Why I love Veronica Mars

vmarsIf you’re my facebook or twitter friend, you’ve probably seen me talking about Veronica Mars. It’s one of my favorite shows and I’m SOOOOO excited for the upcoming movie. Here are a few reasons why I love Veronica Mars:vmars2

1. Modern day Nancy Drew, even more so than Jessica Fletcher of Murder She Wrote.
2. Sass for days. The kind of sass all girls want to possess.
3.Logan dynamics (even though Ray hates Logan). I think Logan is sweet and way less dull than Duncan Kane.
4. Cameos galore! JTT! Paris Hilton! Max Greenfield aka Schmidt! Paul Rudd! Rider Strong! Michael Cera!
5. 2004 fashion
6. High School biker gang. So unbelievable, but I love it!
7. One hotel in the entire town. I guess the Neptune Grand does pretty well…

What do you love about Veronica Mars? ­čśë

Quiet Update

IMG_0990It’s been a little quiet here in┬áthe Alliray┬ácorner of the internet. Guys, it’s hard to be a blogger when you don’t have internet. It’s also hard to be a blogger when you go to Starbucks to use their internet and it’s literally slower than dial up. But hey, we’re doing what we can.
I know it’s still the beginning of October, but it’s already been so busy! The first week in October Ray and I went to a conference in Atlanta with about 14 other people from our church, I worked this past weekend, I’m in a wedding next weekend, lots of parties towards the end of the month, my birthday and MY SISTER IS COMING HOME!
How’s your October shaping up?