Monthly Archives: April 2014

Current Obsessions

Tilt/Shift videos, especially when the subject is Disney World. Guys, I cannot not get over how cool tilt shift photography and videos are. The perspective is skewed, thus creating a miniture-like effect.

Tea. No, not sweet tea. Hot tea. Earl Grey to be exact. Caffeine + no heart burn = good mornings!vintage mugsWhat’s your current obsession?

March Favorites 2014

march faves1. Swamplandia! by Karen Russell.
2. Satsuma body butter from The Body Shop. I’m still so obsessed with this. I always want to smell like a citrus grove.
3. Plants, especially this new aloe plant I bought for my window sill at work.
4. Teal nail polish (all of them, not just this particular one)
5. Forever 21 cheap-o earrings
6. Rose Salve. I use it on my cuticles (almost) everyday!
7. Clementines! Seriously obsessed. I probably eat 3-4 of these a day.
8. Ginger Beer, by itself OR mixed with rum and lime aka a dark and stormy.
9. My new job! I love it so much.

Nailed It!

teal grad 2Guys, its been so long since I’ve posted a nail blog! I wanted to do something interesting, but didn’t have a lot of time so I went with a simple gradient. Everyone always assumes that gradient nails are such a process, but they’re so so easy! For these I painted my entire nail my lightest shade of green. After that dried I used a makeup sponge to pat on the darker shades. I added a fast drying top coat and was finished! Easy as pie!teal grad