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happy anniversary to us

official wedding 200I started writing this post 5 or 6 times and inevitably deleted them all. Marriage is so different than I had ever imagined. So much better and fulfilling and yet so much harder all at the same time. Ray and I were best friends long before we were dating or engaged. While it might have seemed fast, our love grew slowly and through authentic experiences.
The last 4 years have been amazing at times and terrible at times, and I am forever grateful  to have shared those experiences with Ray. He leads our family in the right direction and sticks to what he believes.
2010 5Happy anniversary to my soul-mate, my “one”, my ride-or-die, my bae! official wedding 129 Extra! The photo above is my #1 favorite from our reception!

Instagram accounts you should follow!

IMG_2050I fully believe that Instagram is my favorite form of social media. I mean, I have a blog series called Instalife where I repost mine and Ray’s instagrams. In 2011, when I got my first iphone (aka – Ray’s old iphone), I was most excited about instagram. At that time the app was iphone exclusive, so, you know, SUPER trendy. Here are a few of my first photos:IMG_1993 I was really into grainy filters and rounded corners. Ha! Don’t worry, I’ve tried to improve my selectiveness and the quality of photos I post online.

Here are 5 of my favorite accounts, all with different styles and themes.IMG_2056

1. @aww.sam – because I can’t get enough of her cute photos! Everything she touches is cute. Also, baked goods. So many baked goods!!!IMG_2059
2. @mountaintalk – because sometimes I wish I lived in the woods on top of a mountain. Every photo from this account is beautiful.IMG_2058
3. @lifewithdisney – because I’m okay looking at pictures of Disney World all day everyday.IMG_2057
4. @cactusman – because Ray and I are obsessed with cacti. I mean, have you seen our sunroom?IMG_2060
5. @ryanheshka – because Ryan Heshka is one of my absolute favorite artists. He gives sneak peaks of what he’s working on and upcoming art shows he’s a part of.

What are your favorite instagram accounts?


Tomorrow evening Ray and I will be making our 3rd trip to MegaCon in Orlando, Fl! We’re both really excited! Never in my life did I expect to regularly attend comic shows (life changes when you get married.) mega13 mega14mega16 This year we will be vlogging for the podcast Ray is a part of, Nerds Who Get Laid, Sometimes, and representing Lunar Eleven Studios in artist alley. We will also be promoting InfinityCon
mega8 My favorite thing to do at MegaCon is people watch. I love all the costumes!! Be on the look out for a Megacon 2015 recap post!