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Photography, hospital stays, and Margot West


  1. I took this photo during the fall of 2005. It was the beginning of October and I  was on my way to my friends, Dale and Amber’s house. I remember the moment very specifically because it was then when I started to believe I was probably the best photographer in North America.
  2. In reality I just happened to capture a pretty sky. But look at it! 10 years later and I still love it!
  3. It’s a lot harder for me to blog in the fall and winter. I work during the day and once I get home I have approximately 12 seconds of optimal light left for photos. And, I mean, who wants to read blogs with no photos? I sure don’t!
  4. Ray always says I should just learn to take better photos in low light… but I’d rather watch The Mindy Project than learn about photos.
  5. Speaking of Ray (my bae, hunny bunny, muffin cake), it was a year ago that he went into the hospital and we discovered he had diverticulitis. 3 hospital stays, 2 major surgeries, lots of dilaudid,  $5690450968456, and a year later, Ray’s doing pretty well. old 5
  6. Speaking of Ray again… Here’s another old fall photo. A selfie before selfies were such a thing. I love this photo, but I hate that hat. I’ve always hated that hat. The Newsboy/B-Spears/train conductor look just isn’t my fave.
  7. This was maybe taken in 2007? Maybe 2008? There’s a guitar in the backseat so I’m assuming this was during the years of Margot West (Ray’s old band, if you’re new here).
  8. Margot West is one of my favorite bands and I promise I’m not even being bias.
  9. One evening in late October of 2007, Margot West (then sort of called Gun Smoke?) played a show at the county fair. After the show Ray pulled me over to his truck and gave me a birthday present of two Nancy Drew books. One about a robot and one about a fire dragon. That’s when I knew he liked me.
  10. This post got too mushy too quickly. Sorry not sorry!!!!

Thoughts While Watching Downtown by Macklemore aka Who is Ryan Lewis


Here are a few of my thoughts while watching Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ video for Downtown. Enjoy!

– Macklemore is so clever and charming. Actually, I’ve heard Ryan Lewis is the mastermind but I still don’t know who he is or how he fits into this situation.
– Whew! Mopeds are never not hilarious.
– The beginning of this video reminds me of the Electric Company. I liked the show, but my true love was always Sesame Street.
– “Honestly, I don’t know nothin’ about mopeds.” *taking a break to text Ray and ask if the motorcycle shop he did IT work for sold mopeds. Good news! They did!*
– “Ooooooh! It’s too real!”
– Is $800 an accurate price for a moped? *texting Ray again. He says it’s closer to $6,000.* That doesn’t seem accurate either…
– 1:20 Oooh! I love this green Evel Knievel suit!!! I’m ALWAYS okay with a man wearing fringe.
– 1:25 I also love the Moosercycle!!!
– 1:37 Homegirl is fabulous in those hoops and that denim shorts jumpsuit. Romper? Idk, I like it. Very early 2000’s J-Lo.
– Baseball player catching a fish.
– Here comes crazy man with a motorcycle chariot.
– Wait. Is that Ryan Lewis?!?!?!?!
– Moped side cars?! When I see a sidecar I always think of the cooking show Tow Fat Ladies, because their preferred way of travel was by motorcycle and sidecar.
– 2:36 High singer/possible Ryan Lewis gets a fringe coat to match his fringe vest. So much fringe in this video! Also, so many pointy collars.
– Street fight!!!
– 2:53 I can’t decide if piggy back man is funny or scary. He has a villain mustache which is scary, but he has bangs which are funny. His face never moves which can be both scary and funny.
– Is Macklemore a furry?? This is my new #1 concern.
– “I’m on the back street, listening to Blackstreet!!!!!”
– 3:29 Macklemore’s face while riding on the back of that moped is too good!!
– The dance moves are getting a little too “penis centric” for me right now.
– Mystery high singer/possible Ryan Lewis is back! I like his dance moves but I feel he’s at risk of breaking his knees, which would probably be the worst bones to break. I don’t know, he’s probably a professional though.
– 3:38 My seconds favorite part of the song!
– 4:02 I love smiling man in red velour. He’s the baseball player that caught a fish earlier in the video.
– Street party!!! Macklemore and mystery high singer/Ryan Lewis are friends again!
– Hip hop and mopeds bring people together!


September 2015 Favorites

5– Why Not Me by Mindy Kaling – I came home last week to find that Ray ordered the newest book by Mindy Kaling for me! I read her first book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me, this summer. She’s hilarious and even though I’m only three quarters of the way through Why Not Me, I highly recommend both of her books.

snake plant– Snake Plant – Three weeks ago Ray, Brie, and I traveled to Live Oak to participate in Flea Across Florida, which is essentially a really big yard sale across the state of Florida. We made one stop, picked up a snake plant and a pocket knife, and then it promptly started pouring. We had a snake plant in the past, but Black Cat was forever trying to eat it. So far he’s left this one alone.2– New Shoes – Guys, check out my new (but slightly used because I bought them off ebay) Tory Burch Revas! I love them and I love that I didn’t have to pay $230 for them!
3– Trader Joe’s cold brew coffee concentrate – I’m forever on the hunt for the perfect at-home iced coffee. This is mostly because I don’t have the funds or time to frequent a coffee shop every morning but I NEED the coffee. The Trader Joe’s concentrate is perfect for my current morning routine because all I have to do is pour some over ice, add a little milk or water, and pour in some creamer. Which brings me to my next favorite…

-Star Wars Coffee Creamer – On the real, there is no difference in taste or flavor. However, I love the design and Star Wars appreciation happening here.4– Thieves cleaner – I love this natural all purpose cleaner made with thieves oil. Not only does it smell like Christmas, I can clean and sanitize every surface in my house with just one cleaner.
tumblr_m1hzxpFESF1qmw273o1_500– Gossip Girl – This is no surprise to anyone to who reads this blog, follows me on twitter, is my friend on facebook, or talks to me in real life.  It’s all I’ve been talking about for weeks! In fact, Gossip Girl was in my favorites last month as well!  I finished the series this month and couldn’t be more obsessed. I’m not sure why I didn’t watch the series earlier, as I read a lot of the Gossip Girl books in middle school and high school. #chuckandblairforever

What were your favorites in September?