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Halloween 2016 Costumes

For Halloween this year, my costume is a UFO and Ray’s is a rocket ship. This is us being our true selves. 
halloween-2016-_2 My costume is made out of cardboard, battery operated red LED lights, and silver spray paint. Ray’s costume is made of poster board, tissue paper, and silver tape. Both of these costumes were relatively easy to make, cheap, and were a hit at the costume party we attended! halloween-2016_3halloween-2016-_5halloween-2016-_7halloween-2016-_6We’re looking a little lack-luster in the photos, but that’s just because we’re both sick + poor lighting. Here’s a shot of my costume in action, along with my sister’s Arthur costume! Isn’t she cute?!img_7734

Halloween Nail Inspiration

Halloween is a week away! The last few months  have been a whirlwind and I truly can’t believe we’re embarking on the end of October! So, remember when I used to have beautiful and thematic nails on the daily? I was thinking about doing a Halloween inspired manicure tonight, and decided to look in my archives for some ideas! Man, I forgot about a few of these and thought I would share! Below is some Halloween nail inspiration from the alliray past! I think my favorite Halloween/fall nail look is the Frankenstein nails!
fall yall 2 cat nails 2 hallownails 2 hallownails2 halloween orange frank nailsLooking forward to giving myself a Halloween manicure tonight!!

Spooky October Playlist


For years and years I made annual October mix CDs. I truly wish I still had copies of them, especially the ones from the early 2000’s. I would design the CD sleeves and snail-mail them to my out-of-town friends. Seeing as how I don’t even have a CD player, I figured I would upgrade to a playlist. Above is my Slightly Spooky October 2016 playlist!
Listen here!

Homemade Pimento Cheese

p-cheese-3p-cheese-1Every good southern lady should have a pimento cheese recipe in their back pocket. I made this recipe for the first time a few weeks ago. My friends were having a wine and cheese party and I decided to bring a few “southern lady” cheese dishes, including this pimento cheese recipe!
Most pimento cheese recipes use mayonnaise, but in all honestly, I’m not a huge fan of mayo. I’ve used greek yogurt in place of mayo in chicken salad with great success, so I decided to use it in my pimento cheese recipe as well! It’s healthier and I think it tastes better!

8 oz extra sharp cheddar cheese
4 oz pepper jack cheese
1/2 C plain greek yogurt
1/2 t ground pepper
dash of salt
dash of cayenne

Mix and refrigerate! This recipe is perfect for any party or tail gate!