Allison Drew on Nancy Drew : Password to Larkspur Lane

In Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #10, Password to Larkspur Lane, Nancy solves 2 mysteries, saves a child from drowning and wins a flower arranging contest all in one book! If you’ve never read a Nancy Drew book then you may not know this, but homegirl is apparently good at everything. Running, cooking, driving, riding a motorcycle, singing, diving, dancing, flower arranging, underwater basket weaving, etc. In this book, Nancy must rescue an elderly lady and simultaneously figure out why a glowing blue ring of fire is hovering in her friend’s backyard. Did I mention this whole thing begins with a plane “crashing” and Nancy rescuing a homing pigeon? HOMING PIGEON.  Nancy tracks down her own purse snatcher and, most impressively, she escapes a pitch black, 8ft deep cistern using only 1 rusty nail. Per usual, Carson Drew tries to convince his daughter to leave the case… but instead just buys her a new getaway car.

The best part? The book opens with Nancy imagining she’s a Grecian maiden with olive groves and nets heavy with fish.

Sleuthing Tips:
1. Never trust a homing pigeon.
2. Maybe keep a nail in your pocket.
3. When in doubt, get a new roadster.

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