Allison Drew on Nancy Drew

For my entire life I’ve always wanted to be a sleuth. This is a direct result of my genuine and extreme love for Nancy Drew. She’s cute, witty, smart, sneaky, sassy and always drives a cool car. Also, this probably doesn’t need to be mentioned, but we share a name. I’ve read the old books about crumbling walls and clocks, and the new books about emails and roller blading. I’ve seen the tv shows (even the one from the 30s), made-for-tv movies and the motion picture that came out in 2007. This might be embarrassing, but if someone were to ask me who my hero was I would most definitely say Nancy Drew. Every time.

Another ongoing section of will be Nancy Drew book reports! You just have no idea how excited I am about this.

Here’s where I need your help! I’m not sure what to call this new series yet. Here are some options:
1. Nancy Drew reading room
2. Nancy Drew and the alliray mystery
3. Allison Drew on Nancy Drew: an intensive guide to sleuthing

My current favorite is option 3. What’s your favorite? Or do you have another cooler option? Let me know because I want to hear from you!

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