Around Big Brown

abb 1abb 5abb 2abb 3aab 4It’s officially too hot to be outside during the day, too hot to wear jeans, and too humid to have cute hair.

There is currently 3 (3!!!) wasp nests residing on our porch. At first, there was just a tiny one with 3 or 4 wasps. Ray wanted to wait until they were an army to take action. Now we fear for our lives every time we walk in or out of the front door. TERRIFYING!!

We’ve been having our typical Florida afternoon summer thunderstorms. It rains almost everyday and I love it.

We’ve been pretty busy working on podcast and art projects, but it’s ok because we really enjoy those type of projects.

Ray is planning a local comic convention, thus we’ve had many conversations about logistics, vendors, renting tables, cosplay, flyers, wrist bands, etc. I love that his vision for the convention is to cultivate and invest in the “nerd” community in the north Florida/south Georgia area. If you’re in the area, Infinity Con will be July 26th.

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