August 2014 Favorites

favesfaves 2faves 31. Yes to Coconuts facial cleansing wipes. These are refreshing and do a great job of removing makeup.
2. Maybelline Baby Skin facial primer. I know this was in last month’s favorites, but it’s just sooooo good.
3. In the Cab-ana by Essie
4. The More the Merrier by Essie
5. True blue Spa paraffin hand lotion. Guys, my hands and cuticles just get so so dry and this stuff has been helping tremendously.
6. Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups from Trader Joe’s. These are way more delicious than both Reese’s and Justin’s peanut butter cups.
7. Coconut Oil, Always and forever. Lately I been using coconut oil as a butter substitute while baking. It’s especially delicious in chocolate chip cookies.
8. Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond. I read a portion of this book several years ago when Ree was posting it in segments on her blog. I’ve really enjoyed reading the rest of her story.
9. Grey flats from Payless
*Not Pictured*
10. Twin Peaks, obvs. Can you feel the obsession?
11. Reid Wiseman, aka @asto_reid, on twitter! Reid is an astronaut currently living on the International Space Station (which I saw being built when I went to Space Camp in 6th grade). He posts the most amazing photos of the earth. I promise this will be your new favorite twitter account!


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