Friday afternoon Ray and I went to Live Oak (his hometown) to pick blueberries! The weather was pretty nice and we were the only ones out there. I worked really hard at perfecting my blueberry picking skills… but I was a little too distracted with dodging yellowjackets.

Aren’t  blueberries just perfect? Nutritious, delicious and bite sized. I see a beautiful future of smoothies, pancakes and muffins for these little guys. And yes, my nail polish did match the occasion. Not on purposed… this time.

Ew, blood! Blueberry picking is a dangerous thing, friends. It’s also probably something you should do in tennis shoes and not your 3 year old toms.

We were only able to pick blueberries, but the farm had such a variety of things growing. Peaches, plumbs, corn, squash, blackberries, sun flowers, black-eyed susans and cantaloupe to name a few. We actually took our engagement pictures in the peach grove!

Afterwards, we had dinner with Ray’s parents and then came home and watched trashy tv. It was a great evening.

One thought on “blueberries

  1. Lauren

    That looks like so much fun! I have never been blueberry picking. I actually have no idea if blueberries even grow in Pennsylvania (oops). That Black-Eyed Susan photos is beautiful, I love those flowers. They are so cheery.


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