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The Art of a Southern Holiday Season

Curating a southern holiday season is a true art form. The American South, like most other parts of the world, is deeply rooted in culture and traditions- many revolving around the holiday season! Below are a few ways to insure a Southern Holiday Season!

Magnolia Garland
Magnolias are already a southern staple when it comes to greenery, and their leaves are perfect for southern Christmas decor. Magnolia leaves are deep green, shiny, and will keep for the duration of the holidays! I’m hoping to make either a magnolia garland or wreath this week!

When South Carolinian Joel Roberts Poinsett served as the Ambassador to Mexico in the early 1800’s, he fell in love with the classic Christmas plant. He immediately shipped some home to South Carolina, where they were eventually named after him. Poinsettas are used to warm weather, so they’re perfect for our mild southern winters.

cocktail 1Polite Drunkenness
If there is ever a time to indulge, this is it! With all the parties and holiday gatherings, you’re likely to encounter an eggnog or two. Or hot toddy. Or mulled wine. Or spiked cider. Take your pick, really. While it’s appropriate to have a drink or two, keep it classy and don’t get smashed! We are southern ladies and gentlemen, after all.  😉

Cookie Exchanges
Cookie exchanges are one of my favorite holiday traditions. In my life I’ve mostly experienced them in the context of church lady Christmas parties (my favorite!). Cookie exchanges are a great way to experience a variety of holiday treats, while only having to make 1!

apple sauce 2Apple Butter
While apple butter originated in Europe hundreds of years ago, in America it’s a southern tradition. Made by reducing apples and spices, apple butter is spread on biscuits, served over meat, and added to baking items – my favorite being apple butter donuts. My mother makes apple butter every holiday season and throughout the year!

New Years Superstitions
This is one tradition I’ve been known to skip on occasion. It’s customary to cook a southern feast on New Years Day consisting of black-eyed peas, greens, ham, and cornbread. Consuming this meal on New Year’s Day is said to bring good luck and fortune to the new year!

What customs and traditions do you believe are required for a southern holiday season?

Halloween 2016 Costumes

For Halloween this year, my costume is a UFO and Ray’s is a rocket ship. This is us being our true selves. 
halloween-2016-_2 My costume is made out of cardboard, battery operated red LED lights, and silver spray paint. Ray’s costume is made of poster board, tissue paper, and silver tape. Both of these costumes were relatively easy to make, cheap, and were a hit at the costume party we attended! halloween-2016_3halloween-2016-_5halloween-2016-_7halloween-2016-_6We’re looking a little lack-luster in the photos, but that’s just because we’re both sick + poor lighting. Here’s a shot of my costume in action, along with my sister’s Arthur costume! Isn’t she cute?!img_7734

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

IMG_0592 alliray 4 IMG_0469 IMG_0450 IMG_0278 IMG_0378 IMG_0230 photo 2 (4) greens 1 infinity con watermelons shoes thrifting 101 4 green nails 2Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I just wanted to show some green love and share one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day memories!
I was always a skeptical child. I stopped believing in Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny pretty early on and as much as I hoped they were real, I knew fairies didn’t exist. I had never heard of St. Patrick’s Day until I was in Kindergarten. I remember a few days prior to March 17th my teacher (Sabrina Sibbernsen, one of my favorite teachers ever!!) read us a book about leprechauns. I KNEW they couldn’t be real and I was appalled my classmates would even entertain the idea. On St. Patrick’s Day my class went to the playground as we normally did, nothing special or out of the ordinary. When we returned, our classroom had been ransacked. Desks were turned over, chairs were upside down, the sink was turned on, green confetti covered the tables, and there was a note from a leprechaun on the board. This really threw me for a loop. I KNEW that leprechauns weren’t real, but I also had no explanation for our ransacked classroom. I loved my teacher and couldn’t fathom the idea that she would ever play a trick on us. Minutes after we walked in our room, the principal came over the announcements warning us there were leprechauns on the loose on campus! I was so conflicted!!!
How could all these adults be fooled?? I came to the conclusion that parent volunteers were playing a mean trick on the teachers and principal. I was way too stubborn to believe in leprechauns. Lol!



Daily life with Allison and Ray documented through iphone photos.
The end of December through the beginning of January was a sweet time, albeit slightly less relaxing than we had hoped. We spent time with family and friends (some of them being far-away friends we don’t see very often!!), celebrated birthdays, held an 8 hour old baby, attended too many Christmas parties, binge-watched Netflix, made food at home, went on fancy dates, threw a baby shower, and rang in the new year!IMG_5613IMG_5614IMG_5617IMG_5615IMG_5616

Christmas Week Update

ornament(Here’s a photo from a few years ago when I made these game pieces into ornaments)
How is Christmas THIS WEEK? Where did December go? Where did November go? I’ve felt like a crazy person for the last month because we’ve been so busy, and I don’t always deal well with being busy. We’ve had long days at work, parties to go to, parties to plan, events to volunteer at, babies to visit, goodies to bake, movies to watch, etc.
-Speaking of movies to watch, we saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens twice during opening weekend! We went opening night, and then again on Saturday. Both viewing experiences were great!! Go see it now!!
-This weekend was freezing, but my weather app tells me it’ll be 86 on Christmas Day. Booooooooooo. #floridalife
-Ray isn’t feeling well, which honestly isn’t a surprise since we’re ALWAYS sick during Christmas. I’m still feeling ok, but pounding vitamin c, water, and attempting to get some sleep.
– Per usual, I JUST started making a diy Christmas present. If it turns out well, I’ll post pictures next week!

How’s your week been?