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Nancy Drew, the original mother of dragons

ndnd 2It’s been a really long time since we talked about my girl, Nancy Drew. Here’s a review of Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Fire Dragon!
Nancy’s aunt’s Chinese neighbor disappears and leaves a cryptic note!! Dun, dun, dun. Fun, action and culture spanning two continents! Nancy leaves for her aunt Eloise’s house in New York City, Bess and George in tow, to solve the mystery. Upon their arrival there is an explosion kicking the crime solving spree off!
Nancy and her girls follow clues through NYC and Hong Kong to solve the mystery. George, apparently, resembles the young Asian neighbor so much so that she goes undercover and discovers one of the bad guys. Ned, OF COURSE, just happens to be in Hong Kong learning Cantonese as an exchange student. Thankfully, Ned had the forethought to rent a 3 bedroom suite while there… perfect for Nancy, Bess and George.
Nancy gets kidnapped, per usual, is taken on a helicopter and while her hands and feet are tied up she is still able to write S.O.S in lipstick on the window. No worries though, Ned convinced the royal navy to help and they send fighter jets to assist.
No big deal, right?nd 3As usual, in the end the mystery is solved by Nancy and all is right in the world. So, here’s my opinion on Nancy Drew and the Mystery of the Fire Dragon. I love the books where Nancy and her gang get to travel! In this installment Nancy seemed to already be an expert on Chinese culture. A few things of note:
– Nancy’s aunt Eloise is injured when an oven door blows off
– The crew played a round of volleyball while solving their mystery in China
– Nancy’s fantastic yellow dress in the cover art
Have you read this one? What are your thoughts?

Allison Drew on Nancy Drew: The Demon of River Hieghts

IMG_6403 - 1As you know, I’m slightly obsessed with all things Nancy Drew, so when I received this Nancy Drew graphic novel for Christmas I was super excited. Nancy Drew: The Demon of River Heights is the first in the graphic novel series. This book is definitely on a lower reading level (4th grade-ish) but I was still able to enjoy it. This series was written in the last several years, so it is MUCH more modern. I mean, Nancy has a hybrid AND a cell phone.
In this mystery Nancy, Bess, and George meet up with some guys who are visiting River Heights to film a monster movie. The girls wait for the boys at a coffee shop, but after the guys no-show Nancy, Bess, and George decide to go look for them… in the woods… at night. Caos ensues. Some of the highlights include Nancy running out of gas twice, Bess and George being experts on bear safety,  Nancy getting kidnapped after wondering in the woods alone (per usual), an explosion in an abandoned mining cavern, and the girls outsmarting the local police yet again.

IMG_6402 - 1Sleuthing Tips:
1. Criminals will always try to fake a suicide. Make sure they’re actually dead.
2. Don’t forget to fill up your tank.
3. Keep a flash light in your pocket, you never know when you will have to explore an abandoned mining cave…

Allison Drew on Nancy Drew

In Nancy Drew book #18 Nancy Drew The Mystery of the Moss Covered Mansion, Carson Drew has a client in Florida that was wrongly accused of taking explosive oranges into the Kennedy Space Center. Nancy, Bess and George are, of course, up for a mystery/vacation. Surprisingly (or not) Ned’s family happens to own property in the area so Ned and the boys come down to help. Towards the middle of the book Nancy and the gang discover a “moss covered mansion” near the Nickerson’s property. Noteworthy moments: Nancy puts out a fire on the orange grove (while all of the workers watch), sausage trees are explained, the leopard escapes multiple times, Carson Drew’s plane crash lands and apparently Ned is a reflector antenna expert. 

Sluething Tips:
1. Never enter a creepy mansion, especially when it houses a leopard…
2. When in doubt, bring raw meat embedded with tranquilizers.
3. Always avoid photographers.

Allison Drew on Nancy Drew

For my entire life I’ve always wanted to be a sleuth. This is a direct result of my genuine and extreme love for Nancy Drew. She’s cute, witty, smart, sneaky, sassy and always drives a cool car. Also, this probably doesn’t need to be mentioned, but we share a name. I’ve read the old books about crumbling walls and clocks, and the new books about emails and roller blading. I’ve seen the tv shows (even the one from the 30s), made-for-tv movies and the motion picture that came out in 2007. This might be embarrassing, but if someone were to ask me who my hero was I would most definitely say Nancy Drew. Every time.

Another ongoing section of will be Nancy Drew book reports! You just have no idea how excited I am about this.

Here’s where I need your help! I’m not sure what to call this new series yet. Here are some options:
1. Nancy Drew reading room
2. Nancy Drew and the alliray mystery
3. Allison Drew on Nancy Drew: an intensive guide to sleuthing

My current favorite is option 3. What’s your favorite? Or do you have another cooler option? Let me know because I want to hear from you!