Childhood Obsessions

Something you should (or maybe already do) know about me is that I easily get obsessed with things. Turn of the century circus memorabilia, 1950’s horror movie posters, Weeki Wachi mermaids, Nancy Drew, cryptozoology, nail art… you name it! Also, my obsessions are always really evident in my artwork, even as a child! Remember about a year ago when I was forever drawing old telephones? I kid you not, that started because my favorite song was Call Me Maybe. I came across a box of my childhood artwork and thought it was really funny to see my obsessions from elementary school!
Obsessions no. 1, manatees. This was probably fueled by my parents and other relatives, but I definitely had a teal manatee sweat suit and manatee earrings to match. Oh, and hand drawn portraits, of course. manateeAlso, just general marine life. marine lifeMary Kate and Ashley Olsen. Still into them 20 years later. mk and aAnd last but not least, the Titanic. I think I wrote a report about it in third grade (3 years before the movie came out, btw). titanicI was also really into The Babysitters Club and native Americans. My sister, Brie, had a short lived obsession with cardinals and sunflowers. What were some of your childhood obsessions?


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